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The FEX (for France EXport) company was founded in Lyon, France by Frédéric (Fritz) Kaftanski and Lucien Bouchetal de la Roche. Later it was renamed FEX-INDO, and then INDO (INDustrie Optique). The company manufactured cameras from the 1940s to the 1981, and, as FEX, also manufactured Mosquito cameras for Bauchet.

Fex - Indo cameras: Years of manufacture:
Action c1968   Photo
Aptika 1954   PhotoCollection
Camara 110 ECR 1978  
Cliophot c1960s  
Color c1952-1970s  
Comodor 127 1963  
Compa Fex 1942  
Compact 126 EL 1980  
Compact 126 M 1979  
Compact 126 XR 1978  
Delespaul c1966  
Delta c1960s   Collection
Elite Fex c1953-1960s   PhotoCollection
Elite Fex (II) c1960-1965   Collection
Fex c1944  
Fex (4.5, extensible) c1953-1960s   PhotoCollection
Fex (5.6) c1960s  
Fex 6x9 c1950s  
Fex Superior c1940s   PhotoCollection
Fex-matic c1965-1968   PhotoCollection
Fex-matic Cube c1965-1968  
Fex-matic F c1965-1968   Photo
Fura 110 X 1977  
Fura 110 XA 1975-1976  
Fura 110 XA Electro 1976  
Graf c1958  
Impera c1952-1970s   PhotoCollection
Impera Conforama c1954-1970s   Photo
Impera Peugeot c1954-1970s  
Impera Sermo c1952-1970s  
Indo 110 MX3 c1974-1978  
Indo 35EE c1976  
Juni-Boy (6x6) c1948-1960s   PhotoCollection
Luminor c1950s  
Mondika c1972-1977  
Mondika XM 1972  
Mosquito I 1955-1962   PhotoCollection
Mosquito II 1955-1962  
Pari-Fex c1953-1960s   Photo
Photo Pack Matic 1960  
Pocket 110 X 1975-1980  
Rubi Fex (4x4) c1956-1965   PhotoCollection
Rubi Fex Automatic c1955-1961   Collection
Rubi Fex Automatic (F) c1955-1961  
Rubi Fex Coloral c1956-1965  
Safari c1955  
Safari X c1977  
Sport-Fex c1966   PhotoCollection
Spring c1946-1966  
Supedex M 35 c1981  
Superboy c1956   PhotoCollection
Superboy (red) c1950s  
Superfex c1940s   PhotoCollection
Touring c1956  
Tourist c1950s  
Ultra Fex Color c1960  
Ultra Reflex c1952   PhotoCollection
Ultra Reflex (4.5) c1952   Collection
Ultra-Fex c1946-1966   PhotoCollection
Ultra-Fex Himalaya c1950-1951   PhotoCollection
Uni-Fex c1949   PhotoCollection
Unika II XA 1972  
Unika XL 1972  
Unika XM 1972   Collection
Viva 126 1000 1972-1976   Collection
Viva 126 2000 1978  
Viva 126 3000 1976   Collection
Viva 126 5000 1977  
Viva S 1978  
Viva XM 1977  
Weber Fex 2 C c1961  
Weber-Fex c1961   PhotoCollection
Weber-Fex Junior c1960-1961   PhotoCollection
Weber-Fex Major c1960  

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