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Fairchild Aerial Camera Corporation was one of the many companies founded by Sherman Mills Fairchild. It was established in 1920, in New York State, and manufactured cameras for military and commercial aerial use. The company was a part of a larger Fairchild manufacturing business and changed names and owners many times. Over the course of its history, it even produced equipment for DOD spy satellites, cameras for the United States Army and Navy Air Services, imaging sensors for Lockheed and BAE. Currently, Fairchild Imaging, the direct successor of the original company, still produces cameras for various specific needs, including CCDs for space missions.

Fairchild Camera cameras: Years of manufacture:
Cinephonic 8 c1960-1963   Photo
Fairchild CG-16 c1934   Photo
Fairchild F-227 Camera Transit c1946   Photo
Fairchild F-8 c1940s   Photo
Fairchild H2 c1940s   Photo
Fairchild K 17 c1945  
Fairchild K 17A c1942   Photo
Fairchild K 20 c1945   Photo
Fairchild K 38 c1950s   Photo
Fairchild KA 17 c1940  
Fairchild KA 60 B c1960s  
G.S.A.P. c1941   Photo

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