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FED (ФЭД) (after Felix Edmundovich Dzerzhinsky) was established as a labor commune in the 1920s (in Kharkov, Ukrainian SSR). The first camera, a Leica II clone, was manufactured in 1934. Since then FED has produced many camera models of its own, as well as many Leica-based ones. The manufacture of some models was moved to Krasnogorski Mekhanicheskii Zavod (KMZ) in 1946. Later, most of these were renamed as "Zorki" models. You may find useful information such as serial number lists, and the FED history on the Fedka web-site. Also, there are several model guides available: USSR Photo - FED, and Aidas Pikiotas's SovietCams.

FED cameras: Years of manufacture:
FED 'Red Flag' c1948   Photo
FED (Type 1) 1934   PhotoCollection
FED (Type 1a) 1934-1935   Photo
FED (Type 1b) (NKVD) 1935-1937   PhotoCollection
FED (Type 1c) (NKVD) 1937-1939   PhotoCollection
FED (Type 1d) (NKVD) 1939-1941   PhotoCollection
FED (Type 1e) 1946   Photo
FED (Type 1f) 1949-1953   PhotoCollection
FED (Type 1g) 1953-1955   PhotoCollection
FED 10 1964-1967   PhotoCollection
FED 11 (Atlas) 1967-1971   PhotoCollection
FED 2 (Type a) 1955-1956   PhotoCollection
FED 2 (Type b) (F130) (F/2.8) 1956-1958   PhotoCollection
FED 2 (Type b) (F130) (F/3.5) 1956-1958   PhotoCollection
FED 2 (Type b) (F131) 1956-1958   Collection
FED 2 (Type c) 1958-1960   PhotoCollection
FED 2 (Type d) 1958-1960   PhotoCollectionManual
FED 2 (Type e) 1969-1970   PhotoCollectionManual
FED 2 L 1962-1966   PhotoCollection
FED 2 Prototype 1952-1954   PhotoCollection
FED 3 (Type a) 1961-1965   PhotoCollection
FED 3 (Type b) (Revue 3) 1966-1976   PhotoCollection
FED 3 L 1963-1965   PhotoCollection
FED 3 L/D 1977-1983   PhotoCollection
FED 3 L/D Olympic 1980   PhotoCollection
FED 35 1985-1986   Photo
FED 35 A 1987-1990   PhotoCollection
FED 4 (Type a) 1964-1971   PhotoCollection
FED 4 (Type b) (Revue 4) 1969-1980   PhotoCollectionManual
FED 4 '50 Years October' (Revolution) 1967   Photo
FED 4 L 1969-1980   Collection
FED 5 1977-1990   PhotoCollection
FED 5 Kroko Luxus 1977-1980   Collection
FED 5 Olympic 1977-1980   Photo
FED 50 Automat 1986-1996   PhotoCollectionManual
FED 5B (V) 1975-1990   PhotoCollectionManual
FED 5B Olympic (V) 1975-1980   PhotoCollection
FED 5C (S) 1977-1990   PhotoCollection
FED 5C Olympic (S) 1977-1980  
FED 6 Prototype 1992   Photo
FED 7 Prototype 1967   Photo
FED B (V) 1938  
FED Boy Stereo 1988-1992   Photo
FED C (S) 1938-1941   Photo
FED LUXUS 1970  
FED Mikron 1968-1986   PhotoCollection
FED Mikron 2 1968-1986   PhotoCollection
FED Mikron Olympic 1979-1980   PhotoCollection
FED Mikron Prototype 1967   Photo
FED Siberia c1939-1941   Photo
FED Stalinetz c1990s   Photo
FED Stereo c1988   PhotoCollectionManual
FED Zorki 1948-1949   Photo
FED Zorki Stereo 1961-1965   Photo
Zarya 1959-1961   PhotoCollection

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