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Dresdner Photographische Apparate-Fabrik Ernemann & Matthias was founded in 1889, and the company expanded into the camera business around 1891, same time when Franz Matthias left the company, probably to work on his own business - Frama. In 1899 the company took over the "Globus" cameras manufacturer - Ernst Herbst & Firl. In 1907 Ernemann introduced its first SLR camera, and started producing its own lenses in 1908. Ernemann became a part of the newly-formed Zeiss Ikon company in 1926.

Ernemann cameras: Years of manufacture:
Alex c1893-1907   Photo
Archimedes 1897-1914   Photo
Archimedes Stereo 1897-1907   PhotoCollection
Archimedes Tropen (Tropical) 1897-1907  
Baldus c1895-1914  
Berry c1895-1918   Photo
Berry Meteor I c1912  
Bismarck c1895-1907  
Bob (Spy Camera) c1900-1903   Photo
Bob 0 c1917-1920   Photochart
Bob 0 (folding) c1911-1926   Photo
Bob 00 c1917-1925   PhotoCollection
Bob I 1903-1926   PhotoCollection
Bob I (horizontal) c1902-1907   Photo
Bob Ia c1903-1913   Collection
Bob II 1903-1926   PhotoCollection
Bob II (horizontal) c1902-1907   Photo
Bob III 1904-1925   Photo
Bob III (horizontal) c1902-1907   Photo
Bob IV 1925-1926  
Bob IV Stereo 1905-1910   Photo
Bob V 1924-1926   Photo
Bob V Stereo 1909-1913   Photo
Bob XV c1910-1918   Collection
Bob XV Stereo 1913-1918  
Bobette I 1925-1926   Photochart
Bobette II 1926   Photo
Cassetten-Film-Camera c1901-1906  
Dove Stereoscop (Stereobox) c1901-1907   Photo
Dove Stereoscop Luxus (Stereobox) c1902   Photo
Edison c1890-1896   Photo
Edison Stereo c1893-1894   PhotoComments
Ermanox c1925   PhotoComments
Ermanox 4.5x6 1924-1926   Photochart
Ermanox 4.5x6 (Er-Nox) 1924   PhotoCollection
Ermanox 4.5x6 (f1.4) 1924-1926   Photo
Ermanox 6.5x9 (collapsible) 1925   Photo
Ermanox 6.5x9 (rigid) 1925   Photo
Ermanox 9x12 (tropical) c1922   Photo
Ermanox Reflex c1926   Photo
Ernette 1926   Photo
Erni 1924-1926   Photo
Erni Stereo c1921-1924   Photo
Ernoflex Model I c1922-1926   Photochart
Ernoflex Model II c1922-1926   Photo
Europa c1898-1918  
Film c1898-1907   Photo
Film K (4.5x6) c1920-1926   PhotoCollection
Film K (6.5x11) c1916-1926   PhotoCollection
Film K (6x6) c1916-1926   PhotoCollection
Film K (6x9) c1916-1926   PhotoCollection
Film U c1923-1925   PhotoComments
Globus A Model I c1902-1914   Photo
Globus A Model II c1902-1914  
Globus A Model III c1902-1914   Photo
Globus B (Fram) c1902-1914   Photo
Globus C (Tropical) c1907-1919  
Globus D c1903-1910  
Globus E c1907-1913  
Globus F (Model I) c1906-1914   Photo
Globus F (Model II) c1906-1914  
Globus G c1907-1913   Photo
Globus H c1911-1913  
Globus J c1911-1919  
Globus K (Series I) c1915-1916   Photo
Globus K (tropical) c1916  
Globus L c1911-1913   Photo
Globus M c1914-1919  
Globus Salon-camera c1914-1918  
Globus Stereo c1910   Photo
HEAG 0 c1913-1917  
HEAG 0 A c1917-1922   PhotoCollection
HEAG 0 B c1917-1922   PhotoCollection
HEAG 00 c1912-1925   Photo
HEAG A 1906   Collection
HEAG B 1906  
HEAG I (early) c1900-1909   Photo
HEAG I (late) c1909-1926   PhotoCollection
HEAG I Stereo c1903-1907   PhotoComments
HEAG II c1900-1911   PhotoCollection
HEAG II (Series I) c1911-1925   PhotoCollectionComments
HEAG II (Series II) c1911-1925   PhotoCollection
HEAG IIa 1904-1925  
HEAG IIa Stereo 1904-1908  
HEAG III 1900-1910   PhotoComments
HEAG III (1924) 1924-1925  
HEAG III (1925) 1925-1926   Photo
HEAG III Stereo 1900-1910   Photo
HEAG III Stereo (two shutters) c1909  
HEAG IV (horizontal) c1900-1910   Photo
HEAG IV (vertical) c1925-1926   Comments
HEAG IV Stereo 1904-1918   Photo
HEAG IX (Universal) c1903-1918   Photo
HEAG IX Panorama c1907  
HEAG IX Special Tropen (Tropical) c1908  
HEAG IX Stereo c1903-1908  
HEAG V c1922-1926   PhotoCollection
HEAG VI (two shutters) 1903-1925   PhotoCollectionchartComments
HEAG VI Stereo (two shutters) 1906-1907   Photo
HEAG VI Tropen (Metalic) (Tropical) c1906-1913   Photo
HEAG VI Tropen (Tropical) c1913-1922   Photo
HEAG VII c1924-1926   PhotoCollection
HEAG VII (1904) c1904-1908  
HEAG VIII c1903-1910   Photo
HEAG X Tropen (Tropical) c1912-1925   Photo
HEAG XI (Luxus) c1911-1926   PhotoCollection
HEAG XI Tropen (Tropical) 1917-1926   Photo
HEAG XII (Model III) 1912-1925   Photo
HEAG XII (Model l) 1906-1922   Collection
HEAG XII (Model ll) 1906-1922   PhotoCollection
HEAG XII (Model lll, Stereo) 1907-1911   Photo
HEAG XIV (two shutters) c1908-1925   Photo
HEAG XV c1908-1925   PhotoCollectionComments
HEAG XV Stereo c1912-1918   Photo
HEAG XVI c1909-1918   PhotoCollection
Himalaya 1902-1906  
Italia c1898-1914   Photo
Italia Stereo 1898-1903  
Jagd c1910-1914  
Kinette c1923-1925   Photo
Kino A (Normal-Aufnahme, demo) 1908   Photo
Kino A (Normal-Aufnahme) 1908   Photo
Kino B (Normal-Aufnahme) 1910  
Kino C (Normal-Aufnahme) 1914   Photo
Kino CII (Normal-Aufnahme) 1916   Photochart
Kino E (Normal-Aufnahme) 1917   Photo
Kino I (Amateur-Aufnahme) c1902-1904   Photo
Kino II (Amateur-Aufnahme) c1904   Photo
Klapp-Camera (1911) c1911-1920   Photo
Klapp-Camera (1920) c1920-1926   PhotoCollectionManual
Klapp-Camera (Model I) c1903-1911   Photo
Klapp-Camera (Model II) c1903-1910   Photo
Klapp-Camera Stereo (Model III) c1903-1920   Photo
Klapp-Reflex (double extension) c1913-1919   Photo
Klapp-Reflex (single extension) c1913-1919  
Lea c1902-1907  
Liliput 1914-1926   PhotoCollectionchart
Liliput Stereo 1919-1925   Photo
Luftbildkamera (Aerial, HKIB) c1914-1918  
Magazine Camera c1895  
Mignon (1913) c1913-1915   Photo
Mignon (1915) c1915-1920   PhotoCollection
Miniature Ernoflex 1924-1926   PhotoManual
Miniature Klapp 1913-1925   PhotochartComments
Minor c1896-1919   Photo
Minor (Tropical) c1896-1919   PhotoComments
Moser Stereoskop c1902-1907   Photo
Multicolore 1900-1903   Photo
Nansen c1896-1906   Photo
Nansen Stereo c1896-1906   Photo
Norka 1919-1924  
Paris c1902-1903  
Puck c1902-1903  
Reporter c1903-1911   Photo
Reve Ideal c1910  
Rocktaschen-Camera c1904-1905  
Rolf I c1922-1925   PhotoCollection
Rolf II c1924-1926  
Röntgen I c1898-1907   Photo
Röntgen II c1902-1903  
Röntgen III (two shutters) c1902-1903  
Rundblick c1907-1912   Photo
Russland c1900-1907  
Saecular c1917-1920  
Schülerkamera (Student Camera) c1910-1918  
Simplex c1917-1926  
Simplex Ernoflex 1925-1926   Photochart
Simplex Ernoflex (4.5x6) 1925-1926   Photo
Simplex Ernoflex Stereo c1926   Photo
Special-Model c1900-1903  
Spiegel-Reflex c1907-1918   Photo
Stereo Ernoflex 1925-1926   Photo
Stereo Simplex c1922-1926   Photo
Stereo-Klappkamera c1913-1918   Photo
Stereo-Reflex c1913-1918   Photo
Stereo-Röntgen c1904   Photo
Stereo-Spiegel-Reflex c1910   Photo
Stereoscop (film) c1899-1907   Photo
Stereoscop (plates) c1900s   Photo
Tropen Klapp-Camera (1911) c1911-1920   PhotoCollection
Tropen Klapp-Camera (1922) c1920-1926   Photochart
Tropen Klapp-Camera (Model I) c1904-1911   Photo
Tropen Klapp-Camera (Model IV) c1904-1911  
Tropen Klapp-Camera Stereo c1908   Photo
Unette (18x24) 1925-1926   Photo
Unette (22x33) 1926   PhotoCollection
Universal c1895-1903   Photo
Velo-Klapp c1901-1920   Photo
Velocam c1901-1906   Photo
Windsor c1900-1903  

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