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Dresdner Photographische Apparate-Fabrik Ernemann & Matthias was founded in 1889, and the company expanded into the camera business around 1891, same time when Franz Matthias left the company, probably to work on his own business - Frama. In 1899 the company took over the "Globus" cameras manufacturer - Ernst Herbst & Firl. In 1907 Ernemann introduced its first SLR camera, and started producing its own lenses in 1908. Ernemann became a part of the newly-formed Zeiss Ikon company in 1926.

Ernemann cameras:
Alex  PhotoInfo
Archimedes  PhotoInfo
Archimedes Stereo  PhotoInfoCollection
Archimedes Tropen (Tropical)  Info
Baldus  Info
Berry  PhotoInfo
Berry Meteor I  Info
Bismarck  Info
Bob (Spy Camera)  PhotoInfo
Bob 0  PhotoInfochart
Bob 0 (folding)  PhotoInfo
Bob 00  PhotoInfoCollection
Bob I  PhotoInfoCollection
Bob I (horizontal)  PhotoInfo
Bob Ia  InfoCollection
Bob II  PhotoInfoCollection
Bob II (horizontal)  PhotoInfo
Bob III  PhotoInfo
Bob III (horizontal)  PhotoInfo
Bob IV  Info
Bob IV Stereo  PhotoInfo
Bob V  PhotoInfo
Bob V Stereo  PhotoInfo
Bob XV  InfoCollection
Bob XV Stereo  Info
Bobette I  PhotoInfochart
Bobette II  PhotoInfo
Cassetten-Film-Camera  Info
Dove Stereoscop (Stereobox)  PhotoInfo
Edison  PhotoInfo
Edison Stereo  PhotoInfoComments
Ermanox  PhotoInfoComments
Ermanox 4.5x6  PhotoInfochart
Ermanox 4.5x6 (Er-Nox)  PhotoInfoCollection
Ermanox 4.5x6 (f1.4)  PhotoInfo
Ermanox 6.5x9 (collapsible)  PhotoInfo
Ermanox 6.5x9 (rigid)  PhotoInfo
Ermanox 9x12 (tropical)  PhotoInfo
Ermanox Reflex  PhotoInfo
Ernette  PhotoInfo
Erni  PhotoInfo
Erni Stereo  PhotoInfo
Ernoflex Model I  PhotoInfochart
Ernoflex Model II  PhotoInfo
Europa  Info
Film  PhotoInfo
Film K (4.5x6)  PhotoInfoCollection
Film K (6.5x11)  PhotoInfoCollection
Film K (6x6)  PhotoInfoCollection
Film K (6x9)  PhotoInfoCollection
Film U  PhotoInfoComments
Globus A Model I  PhotoInfo
Globus A Model II  Info
Globus A Model III  PhotoInfo
Globus B (Fram)  PhotoInfo
Globus C (Tropical)  Info
Globus D  Info
Globus E  Info
Globus F (Model I)  PhotoInfo
Globus F (Model II)  Info
Globus G  PhotoInfo
Globus H  Info
Globus J  Info
Globus K (Series I)  PhotoInfo
Globus K (tropical)  Info
Globus L  PhotoInfo
Globus M  Info
Globus Salon-camera  Info
Globus Stereo  PhotoInfo
HEAG 0  Info
HEAG 0 A  PhotoInfoCollection
HEAG 0 B  PhotoInfoCollection
HEAG 00  PhotoInfo
HEAG A  InfoCollection
HEAG B  Info
HEAG I (early)  PhotoInfo
HEAG I (late)  PhotoInfoCollection
HEAG I Stereo  PhotoInfoComments
HEAG II  PhotoInfoCollection
HEAG II (Series I)  PhotoInfoCollectionComments
HEAG II (Series II)  PhotoInfoCollection
HEAG IIa  Info
HEAG IIa Stereo  Info
HEAG III  PhotoInfoComments
HEAG III (1924)  Info
HEAG III (1925)  PhotoInfo
HEAG III Stereo  PhotoInfo
HEAG III Stereo (two shutters)  Info
HEAG IV (horizontal)  PhotoInfo
HEAG IV (vertical)  InfoComments
HEAG IV Stereo  PhotoInfo
HEAG IX (Universal)  PhotoInfo
HEAG IX Panorama  Info
HEAG IX Special Tropen (Tropical)  Info
HEAG IX Stereo  Info
HEAG V  PhotoInfoCollection
HEAG VI (two shutters)  PhotoInfoCollectionchart
HEAG VI Stereo (two shutters)  PhotoInfo
HEAG VI Tropen (Metalic) (Tropical)  PhotoInfo
HEAG VI Tropen (Tropical)  PhotoInfo
HEAG VII  PhotoInfoCollection
HEAG VII (1904)  Info
HEAG VIII  PhotoInfo
HEAG X Tropen (Tropical)  PhotoInfo
HEAG XI (Luxus)  PhotoInfoCollection
HEAG XI Tropen (Tropical)  PhotoInfo
HEAG XII (Model III)  PhotoInfo
HEAG XII (Model l)  InfoCollection
HEAG XII (Model ll)  PhotoInfoCollection
HEAG XII (Model lll, Stereo)  PhotoInfo
HEAG XIV (two shutters)  PhotoInfo
HEAG XV  PhotoInfoCollectionComments
HEAG XV Stereo  PhotoInfo
HEAG XVI  PhotoInfoCollection
Himalaya  Info
Italia  PhotoInfo
Italia Stereo  Info
Jagd  Info
Kinette  PhotoInfo
Kino A (Normal-Aufnahme, demo)  PhotoInfo
Kino A (Normal-Aufnahme)  PhotoInfo
Kino B (Normal-Aufnahme)  Info
Kino C (Normal-Aufnahme)  PhotoInfo
Kino CII (Normal-Aufnahme)  PhotoInfochart
Kino E (Normal-Aufnahme)  PhotoInfo
Kino I (Amateur-Aufnahme)  PhotoInfo
Kino II (Amateur-Aufnahme)  PhotoInfo
Klapp-Camera (1911)  PhotoInfo
Klapp-Camera (1920)  PhotoInfoCollectionManual
Klapp-Camera (Model I)  PhotoInfo
Klapp-Camera (Model II)  PhotoInfo
Klapp-Camera Stereo (Model III)  PhotoInfo
Klapp-Reflex (double extension)  PhotoInfo
Klapp-Reflex (single extension)  Info
Lea  Info
Liliput  PhotoInfoCollectionchart
Liliput Stereo  PhotoInfo
Luftbildkamera (Aerial, HKIB)  Info
Magazine Camera  Info
Mignon (1913)  PhotoInfo
Mignon (1915)  PhotoInfoCollection
Miniature Ernoflex  PhotoInfoManual
Miniature Klapp  PhotoInfochartComments
Minor  PhotoInfo
Minor (Tropical)  PhotoInfoComments
Moser Stereoskop  PhotoInfo
Multicolore  PhotoInfo
Nansen  PhotoInfo
Nansen Stereo  PhotoInfo
Norka  Info
Paris  Info
Puck  Info
Reporter  PhotoInfo
Reve Ideal  Info
Rocktaschen-Camera  Info
Rolf I  PhotoInfoCollection
Rolf II  Info
Röntgen I  PhotoInfo
Röntgen II  Info
Röntgen III (two shutters)  Info
Rundblick  PhotoInfo
Russland  Info
Saecular  Info
Schülerkamera (Student Camera)  Info
Simplex  Info
Simplex Ernoflex  PhotoInfochart
Simplex Ernoflex (4.5x6)  PhotoInfo
Simplex Ernoflex Stereo  PhotoInfo
Special-Model  Info
Spiegel-Reflex  PhotoInfo
Stereo Ernoflex  PhotoInfo
Stereo Simplex  PhotoInfo
Stereo-Klappkamera  PhotoInfo
Stereo-Reflex  PhotoInfo
Stereo-Röntgen  PhotoInfo
Stereo-Spiegel-Reflex  PhotoInfo
Stereoscop (film)  PhotoInfo
Stereoscop (plates)  PhotoInfo
Tropen Klapp-Camera (1911)  PhotoInfoCollection
Tropen Klapp-Camera (1922)  PhotoInfochart
Tropen Klapp-Camera (Model I)  PhotoInfo
Tropen Klapp-Camera (Model IV)  Info
Tropen Klapp-Camera Stereo  PhotoInfo
Unette (18x24)  PhotoInfo
Unette (22x33)  PhotoInfoCollection
Union  Info
Universal  PhotoInfo
Velo-Klapp  PhotoInfo
Velocam  PhotoInfo
Windsor  Info

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