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After death of Andrew Ross, his daughter Hannah and her husband John Henry Dallmeyer inherited a substantial part of the Ross business: the whole telescope manufacturing machinery/equipment as well as half of the microscopes manufacturing business. J.H. was pushed out of the Ross business by Andrew's sons, so J.H. moved the equipment he owned, and established a new company in 1860.

Dallmeyer J. H. cameras: Years of manufacture:
Baby Speed c1925-1929   PhotoCollection
Carfac c1914   Photo
Correspondent c1904-1914   Photo
Dual c1930s   Photo
Field Camera c1900   Photo
Hand Camera (4x3) c1904-1914   Photo
Long Focus c1900s   Photo
Multi-Portrait c1860s  
Multi-Portrait (7 exposures) c1900s   PhotoCollection
Naturalist Reflex c1911-1913  
Naturalist Reflex Tropen (Tropical) c1911-1913   Photo
Naturalists Hand Camera c1894-1904   Photo
New Naturalists Hand Camera c1904-1910   Photo
Reisekamera (Field Camera) c1900s   Photo
Schiebekastenkamera (Sliding box, wet plate) c1865   Photo
Snapshot Camera c1929-1932   Photo
Snapshot Camera "De Luxe" c1930-1932   Photo
Soho Reflex c1911-1920s   Photo
Special Press Reflex c1930s  
Speed Camera c1925   PhotoCollection
Stereo (sliding box, wet plates) Universal c1861-1868   Photo
Studio Camera c1880s-1900s  
Wet Plate Camera c1870s   Photo

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