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Dacora-Kamerawerk was founded in 1946 in Reutlingen, Germany, as Dangelmaier & Co. Over the years, there were several names changes:
  • Daco Dangelmaier & Co. (1954);
  • Dacora-Kamerawerk, Dangelmaier & Co. (again, in 1954);
  • Dacora-Kamerawerk GmbH (1969);
  • and Dacora-Kamerawerk Nürnberg GmbH (1972, after being purchased by Josef Weber KG).
    Shortly after Weber bought the company, camera production ceased. During its lifetime, the company provided cameras for other companies and resellers, including Panorama, Porst, Ringfoto, Universa, Ferrania, Ilford, and Lumière.
  • Dacora Dangelmaier cameras:
    Color Digna  InfoCollection
    Color Digna I  PhotoInfoCollection
    Daci (black)  PhotoInfo
    Daci (gray/green)  PhotoInfoCollection
    Daci (red)  PhotoInfo
    Daci Royal (black)  PhotoInfo
    Daci Royal (colored)  PhotoInfoCollection
    Daco  PhotoInfo
    Daco II  Info
    Dacora 300 L  Info
    Dacora 35 C  Info
    Dacora 35 CB  Info
    Dacora 35 CC  Info
    Dacora 35 CL  Info
    Dacora 35 L  Info
    Dacora 35 LK  Info
    Dacora 35 N  Info
    Dacora 35 R  Info
    Dacora 35 RL  Info
    Dacora 66  InfoCollection
    Dacora CC  PhotoInfoCollection
    Dacora D101 Rapid  InfoCollection
    Dacora D101F Rapid  InfoCollection
    Dacora D202 Rapid  Info
    Dacora D202F Rapid  Info
    Dacora D303 Rapid  PhotoInfo
    Dacora D404 Rapid  Info
    Dacora Electronic 126  Info
    Dacora I  PhotoInfoCollection
    Dacora Ia  Info
    Dacora II  PhotoInfoCollection
    Dacora IIa  Info
    Dacora IIb  Info
    Dacora IIc  Info
    Dacora Record  Info
    Dacora Record Royal  Info
    Dacora Royal  PhotoInfoCollection
    Dacora-Matic  Info
    Dacora-Matic 4D  PhotoInfo
    Digna  PhotoInfoCollection
    Digna 44  InfoCollection
    Digna I  PhotoInfoCollection
    Dignar  Info
    Dignette  PhotoInfoCollectionComments
    Dignette 125  PhotoInfo
    Dignette 250  Info
    Dignette 250 S  Info
    Dignette 300  Info
    Dignette 300 EB  Info
    Dignette 300 L  PhotoInfoCollection
    Dignette 300 LK  PhotoInfo
    Dignette 300 LKS  Info
    Dignette 300 S  Info
    Dignette 300 SL  Info
    Dignette 500 LK  Info
    Dignette EM  Info
    Dignette F  Info
    Dignette I  Info
    Dignette IF  PhotoInfo
    Dignette IL  Info
    Dignette L  Info
    Dignette S-L  Info
    Grazo Box  PhotoInfo
    Instacora E  Info
    Instacora F  PhotoInfo
    Instacora F2  Info
    Instacora K606  Info
    Instacora K707  Info
    Instacora R  Info
    Kandahar Instant  Info
    Lince 3  Info
    Madison I  Info
    Madison II  Info
    Premiere  Info
    Record  Info
    Royal  PhotoInfoCollection
    Subita  PhotoInfo
    Super Dignette  PhotoInfoCollection
    Super Dignette 300 L  Info
    Super Dignette 300 LK  InfoCollection
    Super Dignette 500 LK  Info
    Super Dignette 500 S  Info
    Super Dignette 500 SR  PhotoInfoCollection
    Super Dignette E-B  Info
    Super Dignette Electric CR  Info
    Super Dignette Electric L  Info
    Super Dignette Electric S  PhotoInfo
    Super Dignette Electric SR  PhotoInfo
    Universa CD  Info
    Universa CD 35  Info
    Universa CDE  Info
    Universa Instapak C  Info
    Universa Instapak CA  Info
    Universa Instapak CS  Info

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