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Chinon Industries was established in 1948. Besides its own cameras, Chinon produced parts for Canon lens, cameras for Kodak, GAF and movie cameras for NEC, until it was bought by Kodak in 1997.

Chinon cameras:
Chinon 1000 EL  Info
Chinon 110 Pocket Autowinder  Info
Chinon 35  InfoCollectionManual
Chinon 35 AFP  Info
Chinon 35 EE  PhotoInfoCollectionManual
Chinon 35 EE II  PhotoInfoCollection
Chinon 35 F  Info
Chinon 35 F II  InfoCollectionComments
Chinon 35 FA  InfoManual
Chinon 35 FA II  InfoManual
Chinon 35 FA Super  PhotoInfoManual
Chinon 35 FA Super AD  Info
Chinon 35 FEE  PhotoInfo
Chinon 35 FM  Info
Chinon 35 FMA  Info
Chinon 35 FS  Info
Chinon 35 FS-A  InfoManual
Chinon 35 FS-II  Info
Chinon 35 FX-III  PhotoInfoCollection
Chinon 35 FX-IV  Info
Chinon 35 FX-M  Info
Chinon AFP  Info
Chinon AFS  Info
Chinon Auto 1001  Info
Chinon Auto 2001  Info
Chinon Auto 3001  PhotoInfoCollection
Chinon Auto 3501  Info
Chinon Auto 4001  Info
Chinon Auto 5501  InfoManual
Chinon Auto 6001  InfoManual
Chinon Auto GL  PhotoInfoCollection
Chinon Auto GL-AF  Info
Chinon Auto GL-II  InfoManual
Chinon Auto GL-S  PhotoInfoCollection
Chinon Auto GLX  InfoCollectionManual
Chinon Auto GLX Tele  PhotoInfo
Chinon Auto GX  InfoManual
Chinon Auto GX Tele  Info
Chinon Bellami  PhotoInfoCollectionManual
Chinon Bellami (Anniversary Edition)  Info
Chinon Bellami AF  InfoManual
Chinon Bros-X  Info
Chinon Bros-Z  Info
Chinon CA-4  InfoManual
Chinon CE II Memotron  PhotoInfoManual
Chinon CE Memotron  Info
Chinon CE3 Memotron  PhotoInfoManual
Chinon CE4 Memotron  PhotoInfoCollectionManual
Chinon CE4S  PhotoInfoCollectionCommentsManual
Chinon CE5  PhotoInfoManual
Chinon CG-5  PhotoInfoCollectionManual
Chinon CM  Info
Chinon CM-1  Manual
Chinon CM-3  PhotoInfoManual
Chinon CM-4  PhotoInfo
Chinon CM-4S  PhotoInfoCollectionManual
Chinon CM-5  PhotoInfoCollectionManual
Chinon CM-7  InfoManual
Chinon CP-3  Info
Chinon CP-5 (Twin Program)  PhotoInfoManual
Chinon CP-5S  InfoCollectionManual
Chinon CP-6 (Twin Program)  InfoManual
Chinon CP-7m  InfoCollectionManual
Chinon CP-9 AF  PhotoInfoManual
Chinon CP-X  InfoManual
Chinon CS  PhotoInfoCollectionManual
Chinon CS-4  PhotoInfoCollectionManual
Chinon CX  PhotoInfoCollectionManual
Chinon CX-7  Info
Chinon CX-II  PhotoInfoCollectionManual
Chinon Genesis  PhotoInfoCollection
Chinon Genesis II  InfoManual
Chinon Genesis II (Transparent Model)  Info
Chinon Genesis III  PhotoInfoCollectionManual
Chinon Genesis IV  PhotoInfoCollectionManual
Chinon GS-135  Info
Chinon GS-7 Reflex Zoom  PhotoInfoCollectionManual
Chinon GS-8 Reflex Zoom  Info
Chinon GS-9  InfoCollection
Chinon M-1  PhotoInfoManual
Chinon SLR  InfoCollectionManual
Chinonflex  PhotoInfo
Chinonflex TTL  Info
DSL  Manual
Dual AF P  Info
Dual P  Info
Handyzoom  Info
Handyzoom 5001 AF  PhotoInfoCollectionCommentsManual
Infrafocus 35F-MA  InfoCollectionManual
Mini Zoom 60  Info
Mini Zoom 70  Info
Mirageflex 1000 S  Info
Mirageflex 4000 EE  Info
Mirageflex 4000 F  Info
Monami  InfoManual
Monami 35FS  PhotoInfoCollection
Pocket 77  Info
Pocket Dual AF-P  Info
Pocket Dual P  Info
Pocket Zoom  InfoManual
Pocket Zoom 70M-AF  InfoCollection
Pocketpak 400  Info
Pocketpak Flash  Info
Prinzflex Super TTL  Photo
Prinzflex TTL  Info
Riaflex TTL  InfoCollection
Splash AF  InfoManual
Splash GX  InfoManual
Super Genesis  Info

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