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The Century Camera Company was established in 1900 and three years later, in 1903, Century Camera Co. was acquired by Eastman Kodak. Later, in 1905, Century Company took over the Rochester Panoramic Camera Company (maker of the original Cirkut cameras). Century became a Century Division of the Kodak company in 1907.

Century Camera cameras: Years of manufacture:
Atelierkamera (Studio Camera) c1910s   PhotoCollection
Century Stereo c1908  
Compact (Model 10) c1902  
Field Camera (Model 15) c1932  
Field Camera (Model 2) c1915  
Field Camera (Model 39) c1932   Photo
Field Camera (Model 40) c1932   Photo
Field Camera (Model 41) c1932  
Field Camera (Model 42) c1932  
Field Camera (Model 43) c1932  
Field Camera (Model 46) c1932   Photo
Field Camera (Model 47) c1932  
Field Camera (Model 69) c1932   PhotoCollection
Grand c1901-1908   PhotoComments
Grand Senior c1903-1908  
Grand Triple Conversion c1901-1908  
Long Focus Grand c1902-1905   Photo
Petite 1 c1900s   Photo
Petite 2 c1900s  
Petite 3 c1900s  
R.B. Cycle Graphic Cirkut No.6 c1920s   Photo
Stereo Model 46 c1900s  

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