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The Bell & Howell company, which was established in 1907, initially manufactured movie cameras. In 1948 they entered the still cameras market with the Foton camera. Bell & Howell continued to produce cameras until the 1970s.

Bell & Howell cameras:
121  Info
121A  Info
127 Electric Eye  PhotoInfoCollection
127A  Info
134  Info
134G  InfoCollection
134TA  Info
141A  Info
141B  Info
141C  Info
153  Info
153B  Info
153BA  Info
200 Autoload  Info
200 Electric Eye  Info
200 Magazine Camera  PhotoInfo
200S  Info
200T  Info
200TA  Info
220  Info
220 Sun Dial  Info
240 Automatic EE  Info
240A  InfoCollection
240T  Info
240TA  Info
240Z  Info
252  PhotoInfoCollection
252 Sun Dial  InfoCollection
290 Electric Eye  Info
310  Info
310F  Info
312  Info
312DF  Info
314D  Info
316  Info
320  Info
333  PhotoInfo
390  Info
391 Electric Eye  Info
392  Info
393  Info
393 Electric Eye (Turret Perpetua)  Info
418  Info
605  Info
627  PhotoInfo
Auto 35 / 2.8  PhotoInfoCollection
Auto 35 Reflex  PhotoInfoCollectionManual
Autoload 305  Info
Autoload 315  Info
Autoload 340  InfoCollection
Autoload 341  Info
Autoload 342  PhotoInfoCollection
Autoload 418  Info
Autoload 418 EX  Info
Autoload 418 Special  Info
Autoload Magazine 200  Info
Autoload Zoom Reflex Model 315  InfoCollection
Automatic Cine Camera  Info
B-1  Info
Dial 35  PhotoInfoCollection
Electric Eye (cine)  Photo
Eyemo Automatic Cine 71  PhotoInfo
Eyemo Automatic Cine 71A  Info
Eyemo Automatic Cine 71C  PhotoInfo
Eyemo Automatic Cine 71Q  PhotoInfo
Eyemo Automatic Cine 71QM  PhotoInfo
FD 35  PhotoInfoCollection
Filmo 121  PhotoInfoCollection
Filmo 70  PhotoInfoCollection
Filmo 70A  PhotoInfo
Filmo 70AC  Info
Filmo 70C  Info
Filmo 70D  Info
Filmo 70DA  PhotoInfo
Filmo 70DE  Info
Filmo 70DL  PhotoInfo
Filmo 70DR  PhotoInfo
Filmo 70E  Info
Filmo 70G  Info
Filmo 70H  Info
Filmo 70HR  PhotoInfo
Filmo 70J  Info
Filmo 70J (Military)  PhotoInfo
Filmo 70S  Info
Filmo 70SR  Info
Filmo 75 (Field Model)  PhotoInfoComments
Filmo 75A  Info
Filmo 75A4  Info
Filmo 75A5  Info
Filmo 75C  Info
Filmo 75E  Info
Filmo 7AD  Info
Filmo Aristocat Turret 8  InfoCollection
Filmo Autoload  PhotoInfoCollection
Filmo Autoload (US Marine Corps)  PhotoInfo
Filmo Autoload Speedster  Info
Filmo Automaster  PhotoInfo
Filmo Companion  InfoCollection
Filmo Field Model  PhotoInfo
Filmo Sportster Double Run 8  PhotoInfoCollection
Filmo Turret Double Run 8  Info
Focus Free  PhotoCollection
Foton  PhotoInfoCollection
G.S.A.P. Camera N-4A  PhotoInfo
Gun Camera (NAVY)  PhotoInfo
KF-2 (1) Signal Corps  Info
Magazine Camera 172  PhotoInfoCollection
Magazine Camera 172 A  Info
Magazine Camera 172 B  Info
Micro-camera  Info
Mod.10  Info
Model D  PhotoInfo
Perpetua  Info
PH-430 B  PhotoInfo
PH-431 B  Info
PocketStar Z  PhotoInfo
Stereo-Colorist I  PhotoInfoCollectionManual
Stereo-Colorist II  PhotoInfoCollectionManual
Stereo-Vivid  PhotoInfoCollectionManual
Two Twenty  PhotoInfo
Zoom Reflex 315  InfoCollection

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