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Balda-Werk was founded in 1908 by Max Baldeweg. After WWII, the Dresden company was nationalized and renamed to Belca-Werk. This company was absorbed by VEB Kamera-Werke in 1956. Max moved to West Germany (B√ľnde), where he founded another company named Balda Kamera-Werk, which continued camera production until 1970.

Balda cameras:
AMC 67 Instant load  Info
Balda 1  Info
Balda 1000 EL BR  Info
Balda 1000 EL Macro  Info
Balda 1000 EL R  Info
Balda 1000 EL RX  Info
Balda 104  Info
Balda 120  Info
Balda 144  Info
Balda 144 X  Info
Balda 144 X with Radio  Info
Balda 2  Info
Balda 3  Info
Balda 300 BF  Info
Balda 304  Info
Balda 344  Info
Balda 344 X  Info
Balda 364  Info
Balda 4  Info
Balda 5  Info
Balda 504 Electronic  Info
Balda 544 Electronic  Info
Balda 6  Info
Balda 604 Electronic  Info
Balda 61  Info
Balda 644 Electronic  Info
Balda 7  Info
Balda 824  Info
Balda 824 X  Info
Balda 834 Electronic  Info
Balda 834 X  PhotoInfo
Balda 844 Electronic  Info
Balda 844 X Electronic  Info
Balda 944 Electronic  Info
Balda 944 X Electronic  Info
Balda C 35  Info
Balda CA 35  PhotoInfoManual
Balda CE 35  PhotoInfoCollection
Balda CE 35 (Yangtze)  PhotoInfo
Balda CS 35  InfoCollection
Baldafix  PhotoInfo
Baldak  Info
Baldak Box  PhotoInfo
Baldaknette  Info
Baldalette  Info
Baldalux  PhotoInfoCollection
Baldamatic  Info
Baldamatic I  PhotoInfoCollection
Baldamatic II  PhotoInfo
Baldamatic II Motor  Photo
Baldamatic III  PhotoInfoCollection
Baldarette  Info
Baldarette 6x6  Info
Baldarette Luxus  Info
Baldax  PhotoInfoCollection
Baldax (post-war)  Info
Baldax Vest Pocket  PhotoInfo
Baldaxette I  PhotoInfo
Baldaxette II  PhotoInfoCollection
Baldessa (Standard)  PhotoInfoCollection
Baldessa F  PhotoInfoCollection
Baldessa F-LK  InfoCollection
Baldessa I  PhotoInfoCollection
Baldessa Ia  PhotoInfoCollection
Baldessa Ib  PhotoInfoCollectionManual
Baldessa L  Info
Baldessa LF  PhotoInfoCollection
Baldessa LK  Info
Baldessa R/LK  PhotoInfo
Baldessa RF  PhotoInfo
Baldessa RF/LK  PhotoInfoCollection
Baldessamat  PhotoInfo
Baldessamat F  PhotoInfoCollectionManual
Baldessamat F/LK  Info
Baldessamat RF  InfoCollectionManual
Baldessamat RF/LK  Info
Baldi  PhotoInfo
Baldi 29  Info
Baldina (1935, Plasmat 2.7)  PhotoInfo
Baldina (1935)  PhotoInfoCollectionComments
Baldina (1954)  PhotoInfoCollection
Baldina B  PhotoInfo
Baldinette (1950)  PhotoInfoCollectionManual
Baldinette (1964)  Info
Baldinette II  PhotoInfoCollection
Baldinette II Automatic  PhotoInfo
Baldini (1950)  InfoCollection
Baldini (1951)  Info
Baldix  PhotoInfoCollectionManual
Baldixette  PhotoInfoCollection
Baldixette II  Info
Baldur  Info
Bee Wee-camera  Info
Browe-Box  PhotoInfo
Cehen  Info
Central 35  Info
Coloramic  Info
Compact C  Info
Compact CL  Info
Compact CLS  Info
Coronet  Info
Dreibild Box (Triple)  PhotoInfo
Embee  Info
Erkania (box)  PhotoInfo
Erkania (folding)  Info
Europan  PhotoInfo
Fixfocus  PhotoInfoCollection
Fixfocus Special  Info
Front-Box (1932)  PhotoInfo
Front-Box (1935)  PhotoInfo
Front-Box (1937)  Info
Front-Box (1938)  PhotoInfoCollection
Gloria  Info
Glorina  Info
Hansa 35  Info
Helioca  PhotoInfo
Helioca S  Info
Ideal  Info
Ideal I  Info
Ideal II  Info
Ideal III  Info
Jubilette  PhotoInfoCollection
Juventa  Info
Juwella  PhotoInfoCollection
Klappo  Info
Komet  Info
Lady Debutante  InfoCollection
Lisette  Info
Lotus 35  Info
Mars  Info
Mess-Baldinette  Info
Mess-Baldix  PhotoInfo
Mess-Rigona  Info
Micky Rollbox Model 0  Info
Micky Rollbox Model I  Info
Micky Rollbox Model II  PhotoInfoCollection
Micky Rollbox Model III  Info
Mickyrelle  PhotoInfo
Microscope Camera  Info
Multina  PhotoInfo
Narita  PhotoInfo
Narol  PhotoInfoCollection
Nixe  Info
Nizza  Info
Phot-Office  Info
Piccochic  PhotoInfoComments
Piccochic Elmar  Info
Piccolo  Info
Pierette  PhotoInfo
Pinette  PhotoInfo
Pini Sport  Info
Poka Duplex  PhotoInfo
Poka I  PhotoInfo
Poka II  PhotoInfo
Poka II (colored)  PhotoInfo
Pokarelle  PhotoInfo
Pokarette  Info
Pontina  PhotoInfo
Pontinette  Info
Pontur Radial  Info
Pontura  Info
Ponturette  Info
Prima (box)  Info
Primula  Info
Radial  Info
Record  PhotoInfoCollection
Reporter 144-X  Info
Rigona  PhotoInfo
Rigona (35mm)  PhotoInfoCollectionManual
Rigona (35mm) Luxus  Info
Rival 35  PhotoInfo
Roll-Balda  Info
Roll-Balda (Platten)  Info
Rollbox (1931)  PhotoInfoCollection
Rollbox (1932)  PhotoInfo
Rollbox (1935)  PhotoInfoCollection
Rusi  PhotoInfo
Salex  Info
Saturn  Info
Siwa  Info
Spring-Box  Info
Super Baldamatic I  PhotoInfoCollection
Super Baldax  PhotoInfoComments
Super Baldina  PhotoInfoCollection
Super Baldina (pre-1954)  PhotoInfoCollection
Super Baldinette  PhotoInfoCollectionManual
Super Pontura  PhotoInfo
Supermatic  InfoCollection
Supermatic Mot  Info
Theda 35  Info
Venus  Info
Westex (Model A)  Info
Westex I  Info

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