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The Ansco company was a result of a merger between E. and H.T. Anthony & Co. and Scovill & Adams in 1902. Its name was Anthony and Scovill until 1907.
Ansco merged with Agfa in 1928, and the resulting company, Agfa-Ansco, continued with production of models from both the Ansco and Agfa lines. In 1939, the company changed its name to GAF (General Aniline & Film), but the AGFA and Ansco brands were not dropped. In 1943, AGFA split off from GAF, and GAF continued to manufacture Ansco cameras until 1967. The Ansco brand name was later picked up by Haking International. Some of the GAF cameras are listed here.

Ansco cameras:
Admiral  PhotoInfoCollection
Ansco 127  InfoCollection
Ansco 900 Telephoto Tele-Motor  PhotoInfoCollection
Ansco Box  PhotoInfoCollection
Ansco Box (colored)  Info
Ansco Disc HR 30  Info
Ansco No.1  Info
Ansco No.2  InfoManual
Ansco No.2 (colored)  InfoManual
Ansco No.2A  InfoManual
Ansco No.3  Info
Ansco No.4  InfoCollectionComments
Ansco No.5 
Ansco No.8 
Ansco Special No.2  PhotoInfoCollection
Ansco Special No.2A  PhotoInfoCollection
Anscoflex I  PhotoInfoCollectionManual
Anscoflex II  PhotoInfoCollectionManual
Anscomark M  PhotoInfo
Anscomatic Cadet  InfoCollection
Anscoset  PhotoInfoManual
Anscoset II  PhotoInfoManual
Anscoset III  Info
Anscoset IV 
Arrow  Info
Automatic No.1A  InfoComments
Automatic Reflex Model I  InfoCollection
Automatic Reflex Model II  PhotoInfoCollection
Autoset  PhotoInfoCollectionManual
Autoset CdS  PhotoInfoCollection
Bingo No.2  Info
Buster Brown Folding No.1  InfoManual
Buster Brown Folding No.2  PhotoInfoCommentsManual
Buster Brown Folding No.2A  PhotoInfoCollection
Buster Brown Folding No.3  InfoCollection
Buster Brown Folding No.3A  PhotoInfoCollection
Buster Brown Junior  Info
Buster Brown No.0  Info
Buster Brown No.0 red  Info
Buster Brown No.2  PhotoInfoCollectionManual
Buster Brown No.2A  PhotoInfoCollectionManual
Buster Brown No.2C  PhotoInfo
Buster Brown No.3  InfoManual
Buster Brown No.3A  PhotoInfoManual
Buster Brown No.3A brown  Info
Buster Brown special No.0  PhotoInfoCollection
Buster Brown special No.2  Info
Buster Brown special No.2A  Info
Cadet Box A8  InfoCollection
Cadet Box B2  PhotoInfoCollection
Cadet Box D6  InfoComments
Cadet Flash  InfoCollection
Cadet I  Info
Cadet II  PhotoInfoCollection
Cadet III  PhotoInfo
Cadet Reflex  PhotoInfoCollection
Century of Progress  PhotoInfo
Clipper  PhotoInfoCollectionManual
Clipper Special  Info
Coca Cola (Polar Bear)  Info
Color Clipper  PhotoInfoCollectionManual
Commander  InfoCollection
Commercial View  Info
Craftsman  PhotoInfoCollection
DeLuxe No.1  Info
Dollar Box  PhotoInfoCollection
Flash Champion  PhotoInfoCollection
Flash Clipper  PhotoInfoCollection
Folding Ansco No.1  Info
Folding Ansco No.1 Special  Info
Folding Ansco No.10  Info
Folding Ansco No.10A  Info
Folding Ansco No.1A  PhotoInfoCollection
Folding Ansco No.3  PhotoInfoCollection
Folding Ansco No.3A  PhotoInfoCollection
Folding Ansco No.4  Info
Folding Ansco No.5  PhotoInfo
Folding Ansco No.6  Info
Folding Ansco No.7  Info
Folding Ansco No.9 Model B  PhotoInfoCollectionManual
Folding Goodwin Junior 1  Info
Folding Goodwin No.1A  Info
Folding Goodwin No.3A  PhotoInfo
Goodwin No.1 (box)  PhotoInfo
Goodwin No.2 (box)  PhotoInfo
Goodwin No.2A (box)  PhotoInfoCollection
Goodwin No.3 (box)  Info
Junior  Info
Junior B  Info
Junior No.1  Info
Junior No.1A  PhotoInfo
Junior No.2C  PhotoInfoCollection
Junior No.3  Info
Junior No.3A  PhotoInfoCollection
Junior Press Photographer  PhotoInfoCollection
Juniorette No.1  InfoCollection
Karomat  PhotoInfoManual
Kiddie Camera  Info
Lancer  PhotoInfoCollectionManual
Lancer LG  InfoCollection
Memar  PhotoInfoCollectionManual
Memo  PhotoInfoCollectionchartComments
Memo (wood body)  PhotoInfoCollectionComments
Memo Automatic  Info
Memo Boy Scout  PhotoInfoCollection
Memo II Automatic  PhotoInfoCollection
Memo Luxus 
Mini Power Zoom Wide  PhotoCollection
Panda  PhotoInfoCollection
Photo Vanity  PhotoInfo
Pioneer  PhotoInfoCollectionManual
Pix Panorama  PhotoInfoCollection
Readyflash  PhotoInfoCollectionManual
Readyset Eagle  Info
Readyset No. 1  Info
Readyset No. 1A  PhotoInfo
Readyset Royal No.1 brown  PhotoInfoCollection
Readyset Royal No.1 Silberfuchs (silver fox)  PhotoInfoCollection
Readyset Royal No.1A brown  PhotoInfoCollection
Readyset Royal No.1A Silberfuchs (silver fox)  PhotoInfoCollection
Readyset Special No.1  Info
Readyset Special No.1 brown  Info
Readyset Special No.1A  Info
Readyset Special No.1A brown  PhotoInfo
Readyset Traveller 
Rediflex  PhotoInfoCollectionManual
Rediflex (transparent)  PhotoCollection
Regent  InfoManual
Regent LVS  Manual
Semi Automatic  PhotoInfoCollectionManual
Shur Flash  PhotoInfoCollection
Shur Flex  Info
Shur Shot  PhotoInfoCollectionManual
Shur Shot Junior  PhotoInfoCollectionComments
Speedex  Info
Speedex 4.5  PhotoInfoCollectionManual
Speedex 6.3  Info
Speedex B2 Junior  InfoCollectionManual
Speedex No.1A  Info
Speedex Special  PhotoInfoManual
Speedex Special R  InfoManual
Standard Speedex  PhotoInfoCollection
Studiocamera  Info
Sundial  Info
Super Memar  PhotoInfoManual
Super Memar LVS  Info
Super Regent  PhotoInfoManual
Super Regent LVS  Info
Super Speedex  Info
Titan  InfoCollectionCommentsManual
Vanity Camera  Info
Vest Pocket Junior  PhotoInfoCollection
Vest Pocket Model A  PhotoInfo
Vest Pocket No.0  PhotoInfoCollection
Vest Pocket No.1  PhotoInfoCollection
Vest Pocket No.2  PhotoInfoCollectionManual
Vest Pocket Readyset  InfoCollection
Vest Pocket Readyset (colored)  InfoCollection
Vest Pocket Speedex No.3  InfoManual
View Camera  PhotoInfo
Viking (1946)  Manual
Viking (1952)  InfoCollection
Viking (1953)  Info
Viking 6.3  PhotoInfoManual
Viking Readyset  InfoCollectionManual
Viking Record 

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