Polaroid: Square Shooter 2

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Polaroid: Square Shooter 2

Postby bill339 » Wed Feb 03, 2021 2:53 pm

Originally produced between 1972 and 1975 the Square Shooter 2 was a Ridged Plastic Bodied, Pack film Type 80 instant camera. Although similar to the Colorpack II the Square Shooter was considered more advanced and that was reflected in the retail price of $34.95 as opposed to the Colorpack II retail price of $29.95. The Square Shooter features a built in socket for Hi-Power flashcubes that you wind for the four sides of the cube to be exposed after each frame. It also features a "Focused Flash" system, triangulation distance finder, exposure system designed only for color 75 ASA films utilizing a electro magnet to hold the shutter open for a set amount of split seconds for the "Everset" shutter that did not need cocking. Typically they also featured the adjustable front cell focusing lens with distance scaling marked on the lens ring in feet from 3.5 (1 m) to 50+ feet (15.2 m +). It lacked the built-in development timer of the Colorpack II and was slightly smaller. The flash and electrical components are powered by two AA batteries stored inside the camera too either side of the lens assembly. Other features are instructions for use on a pocket warmer, (cold weather developing), that slid in the back of the camera, a T handle for use pulling tabs on the exposed frame plus carrying, and an eye high optical viewfinder.

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