What brand is this camera!

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Jenny 911
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What brand is this camera!

Postby Jenny 911 » Sat Oct 17, 2020 8:45 pm

Hello fellow collectors,
This one has me stumped.

It has a Gauthier Vario shutter, and a Welta lens...
but, Welta cams had the model name stamped in the faux leather (like Pearl, Trio...)
I have not found this exact combination anywhere. Is this a custom you think?
The lense number is 401397. No other markings can be found other than what you see on the face.
What do you think?

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Re: What brand is this camera!

Postby diser » Sat Oct 24, 2020 10:06 am

There were a lot of no-name cameras around 1930s in Germany. It could be one of them, or could have been made by Welta as well. Something like Welta Posta maybe?

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