Kodak Eastman: Instamatic 104

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Kodak Eastman: Instamatic 104

Postby bill339 » Sun Aug 27, 2017 1:02 pm

The Instamatic 104 was released to the public in 1965 and discontinued 1968. The Kodak Instamatic series was quite popular based on the 126 film cartridge it accepted. Now popular for their collectible and aesthetic value, this camera looks awesome sitting on a shelf or bookcase. It’s very eye-catching and is quite a conversation piece. The core of the camera measures approximately 4” by 2 1/4" by 2". The 104 featured a connector for the new flashcube, instead of the Instamatic 100's holder for single flashbulbs. When cocked for the next exposure, the camera turns the flashcube 90 degrees to bring the next flashbulb into position. The cube can be detached by pressing the button on the front of the camera. The cameras sold for a suggested retail price of $15.95 when new and came with two AAA batteries, a flash cube, and one roll of film. The lens is a 1:11 43mm and the shutter has speeds of 1/40 of a second with flash and 1/90 of a second without. The camera was produced by Eastman Kodak Co. in the U.S., and also by Kodak's overseas plants, for example Kodak AG in Germany, Kodak Ltd. in England, and even by a Kodak plant in Australia. The exact number produced is not known but was in the millions.

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