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Ernemann: Ermanox 4.5x6

Posted: Tue Jan 26, 2021 12:36 pm
by Pavel K
According to my database of serial numbers, 2300 - 2400 pcs of Ermanox 4,5x6 were probably made. The batches of serial numbers are the following:
First of all two batches of Miniatur Klapp, which also contains several Ermanox cameras:
approx. 1038700-1039400
approx. 1052400-1053350

The small batch (20-40 pcs???) of Ermanox 4,5x6 cameras around the number 1139230

The first large batch of Ermanox cameras with Ernostar 2/100:
approx. 1184650-1185650

The second large batch of Ermanox cameras mainly with Ernostar 2/100:
approx. 1235750-1236150

The last batch of Ermanox with Ernostar 1,8/85:
approx. 1253570-1254470
This batch also contains Ermanox 4,5x6 with the label Zeiss ikon.