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Kodak Eastman: Mickey-Matic

Posted: Fri Jan 22, 2021 7:00 am
by bill339
Kodak released two cameras under the Mickey-Matic name, themed around Mickey Mouse. One of these was introduced in 1988, and is very similar to the Kodak Gimini, Kodak Winner, Kodak Trimlite Instamatic 18, Kodak Kids Camera, My First Camera, and the abortive Kodak Galactic. It takes still available 110 film cartridges. Not to be confused with the Mick-A-Matic camera, which is a non-Kodak camera for the 126 film cartridge format. Children's cameras for the 110 and 126 formats were relatively common, due to their ease of loading. The Mickey-Matic came in two colors of pink plus blue and they have a Mickey Mouse sticker with Disney printed on it over the viewfinder. The camera also has a Flip-Flash socket on top and came with a handy braded string type wrist strap. The Flip-Flash requires no batteries and automatically uses the next forward facing flash bulb. The shutter speed is 1/90 of a second with or without a Flip-Flash plugged in. The lens is a 25mm fixed focus f/11 and has a focus range of 5ft to infinity. The camera was sold in a blister pack with a roll of 110 ISO 200 Kodacolor film, a wrist strap, the camera, instructions, and a coupon mail-in offer of a limited-edition ceramic frame featuring Mickey Mouse for the low price of $4.49. This original Mickey-Matic sold for about $12.99 in 1988. Disney and Kodak upgraded the 110 Mickey-Matic in 1993 by relabeling the Kodak Star 110 that has a built-in flash unit. This unit needs two alkaline AAA batteries to power the flash and has a 28mm fixed focus f/8 three element lens with a single 1/125 of a second shutter speed. This camera came in black and sold for about $18.99 in 1993 when newly release.