New Taiwan: Suntone MM-252 (Focus Free)

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New Taiwan: Suntone MM-252 (Focus Free)

Postby bill339 » Sun Jul 05, 2020 12:27 pm

The Suntone MM-252 is a basic camera for 35mm film. It has a fixed-focus lens (marked as "focus free"), a single aperture and a single shutter speed. It has manual film advance and rewind. The camera was produced sometime in the 1990s and had two connector hot shoe on the top. Other features are an optical viewfinder, a fixed rewind crank, rewind release button on the bottom of the camera, film advance thumb wheel, frame counter on the bottom, and a bradded string type wrist carrier. This compact, point-and-shoot camera is mostly plastic and very light. Advancing the film also loaded the shutter so no double exposures. The MM-252 was made in China by New Taiwan Photographic Corporation and marketed with the label Suntone cameras. The name Suntone appears on a number of cameras, as well as non-camera products such as radios, TV sets, telephones, flashlights and smoothie makers. The name was owned by Sun Coast Merchandise Corp (founded 1943), based in Commerce, California. It is possible that many of the Suntone labeled cameras were not sold in stores, but were offered as promotional giveaways.

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