Asahi: Pentax Espio 115G

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Asahi: Pentax Espio 115G

Postby bill339 » Sat Sep 02, 2017 7:19 pm

The Pentax Espio 115G QD point-and-shoot film camera was introduced in 1996. With an aperture range of f/10.5 to f/3.9, this Pentax camera lets you capture brilliant photos even in low lighting conditions. What’s more, the autofocus system in the Pentax Espio 115G QD film camera helps deliver perfectly focused photographs, with great ease and with auto-exposure, this Pentax camera lets you shoot photos under varying light conditions. The self-timer function in this point-and-shoot film camera lets you capture blur-free self-portraits and also allows you to be part of a group photograph. The camera also has a 38 to 115mm zoom lens and uses DX coded film only. The camera also has two bulb mode settings. The regular bulb setting that will expose for up to 5 minutes, as long as you hold the shutter release down that long and In addition, the 115G has something called “Bulb Sync” mode, which adds a flash burst to the beginning of the exposure. Like a lot of cameras from this era (the 1990s) the 115G has a panoramic mimic mode that crops the 35mm film and is processed to produce a panoramic print. The camera uses one CR-2 size battery and it is good for about 8 rolls of film. The cameras other features are the auto frame advance, auto rewind plus mid roll rewind, ¼”x1 ¼” LCD data display, red eye reduction, date imprinting, flash ready LED, optical viewfinder with focus adjuster, built in automatic lens cover, and a handy carry strap.

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