Bell & Howell: Filmo 75 (Field Model)

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Re: Bell & Howell: Filmo 75 (Field Model)

Postby Luvantique » Wed Nov 20, 2019 10:48 am

John Kratz wrote:The camera pictured (my camera) under "Field Model" is not a field model. The field model actually says "Filmo Field Model" (without "75") on the nameplate. Mine say "Filmo Model №75".

I'm also confused about all the different Filmo 75 models listed on the B&H page (75A, 75A4, 75C etc). As far as I know, there is only one Model 75, and the Field Model variation of it. Am I missing something somewhere?

The original version of this camera was the Filmo 75, introduced in 1928. With its very ornate decoration, it was advertised largely as a ladies' camera. The Field Model was introduced in 1931, originally with a plain, unadorned pebble black covering to make it less feminine and appeal to a larger market. However, the buying public weren't having any of it so the cover reverted to the popular decorated form, still under the Field Model name.

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