AGFA: Silette (Type 3)

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AGFA: Silette (Type 3)

Postby bill339 » Tue May 24, 2022 11:51 am

Silette type 3 was introduced in 1958. The Agfa Silette Type 3 Camera has an Color-Agnar 45mm f/2.8 Lens, 1/25 to 1/200 of a second Prontor Shutter, single action right thumb film advance lever, shutter release plunger socket in the center of the shutter release button, PC flash socket on the bottom of the lens escutcheon, accessory cold shoe, large viewfinder, ¼ inch 20 thread tripod socket on the bottom of the camera, a 7 second delayed shutter timer lever, frame counter at the bottom back of the camera, and a ASA plus film rewind selector knob (wheel with window). You could purchase the Agfa Synchro Flashgun KM that mounted on the cold shoe and plugged into the PC socket.
In an effort to sell Agfa film only to the Silette owners Agfa coded the film selector knob with a combination of letters and numbers to indicate exposure speeds (ASA). CN = Color negative film, daylight type. CN 17 = Color negative film, daylight type and artificial light. CK over A = Color reversal film, artificial light type (Incandescent lamps with 3400 degrees Kelvin). CF over F = Color reversal film artificial flash type (3800 degrees Kelvin). CT over Day = Color reversal film daylight type. When buying Agfa film for the Silette you had to look for the letters and numbers corresponding with your selector knob (wheel) that fit your needs. CN-17 was the more commonly used film for obvious reasons and was approximately 40 ASA (ISO).

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