Searching for Autographic Film and Negatives

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Searching for Autographic Film and Negatives

Postby Mike550 » Wed Oct 30, 2019 8:15 am

as the Titel says, I am searching for some Autographic Film and exspacially Negatives, important would be that you can see the writings between the pictures. I have some very nice Kodak Autographic Cameras, but the FIlm ist just not to find here in Germany, I think in the short period the Film was produced it hade no Time to get popular outside the US.
If somone has some samples ( the motives do not matter, as long it is no XXX Material :-) ) I would like to swap against something, at the Moment I would have a Agfa Clack, a Agfa Box 44, Praktica CM 1000, Agfa Iso Rapid I, some older Lightmeters or old Filters. Of course the exchange value should be appropriate :-)
Sorry for the bad English, Iam not a native speaker ;)

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