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New feature

Postby diser » Fri Jun 29, 2018 5:11 pm

While many people have been asking if eBay sold items can be automatically added to the value estimates, this was and is challenging for many reasons, including non-descriptive conditions, wrong names, wrong categories, etc. At the same time eBay has its own identificator for many items, and those identificators can be aligned with existing CollectiBlend models.

eBay don't have too many of those identificators (definitely less than number of cameras presented here), but whatever it has, have already been aligned to CollectiBlend records, and site is getting an automated feed for the sale records. There are about 2000 film cameras, and around 4000 digital cameras being tracked, and new cameras are still being added/aligned to CB now.

Also now you can see new charts for most popular cameras, which shows recent eBay sale results.
Here is an example of final result for film cameras:
as well as for digital ones:

eBay sales are automatically converted according to the seller's specified condition, averaged over a month, with outliers taken out, and added to the list of sales in the form of "EB 2018-06-01 B".
Items with and without lens are tracked separately, so you get two charts for those.

This feature helps tremendously to keep estimate values up to date, especially for the more popular less expensive cameras which aren't sold on hammer auctions usually.

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Re: New feature

Postby ph. » Sat Jun 30, 2018 12:39 am

Excellent Canon example.

Ebay weighting seems a goood way of smoothing data so that longer term trends become visible.

Self reported private sales might also possibly be recorded if the sums are accurate. But there are difficulties when -as often is the case between collectors, two-way transactions are concluded. Disentangling prices may pose problems. Examle; at Biévres this year I got a 750 Euro rebate on a pristine 1750 Euro Angenieux 2,3\180mm with original lids & pouch. That was in exchange for two equally fine Zeiss C/Y, the 25mmAE made in Germany version and a late 2.8/28 MMJ. What the prices would have been if transacted one-by-one is uncertain.


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Re: New feature

Postby Madd10 » Sat Jun 30, 2018 6:58 am

Excellent addition Diser, many thanks
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