Manufacturer vs. Brand

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Manufacturer vs. Brand

Postby Cafoar » Sat May 25, 2024 3:21 am


I wonder about the distinction between brand and manufacturer. I know that it could be a complication to add such distinction in the database. It could be that my interpretation of those words as a non native English speaker differs from the proper definition. I see the manufacturer as the company that makes the product and the brand as the name with which the product is sold. For example, there is the camera Leitz (manufacturer) Leica (brand) C1 (model). Or the Tougodo (manufacturer) Meikai (brand) EL (model). The same manufacturer, Tougodo, has the brand Meisupi.

I have cameras manufactured by Argentinian company SIAF. They had a couple of big brands within the country, Gradosol, which I would assume it was their own, and Gevaert that at the time wasn't part of AGFA. These cameras appear as being AGFA and Belgian, while they were only produced and sold in Argentina. They had also smaller brands, with variations of the same cameras produced for third parties.

Another case is the Brand Fodor, which was a Dutch importer. Those cameras appear under the Brand name and not the manufacturer. Even in the case of the Fodor Novo 35, the only distinction I find (from looking at pictures available online) is the FODOR engraving at the front of the camera.

Having both would help in searches by interest.

Thanks for reading and giving your opinion.

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