Camera list update

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Camera list update

Postby groznim84 » Wed May 22, 2019 11:29 am

Camera list update
These cameras are not on the list, they would be nice to add. I have them. When they are on the list, I'll put pictures for them.
1.Beier: Beirette
2.Ginfax: Topico - 2 Way Camera
3.unknown companies: Renault
4.Canon: REFLEX ZOOM 8-2
5.Nordmende: Spectra C220
6.Minolta: C 10
7.Intel: CS 630
8.Carena SA: Carena 35 MD
9.Minolta: Minolta XL 660 Sound
10.Olympus: Superzoom 80G
11.unknown companies: Vardem
12.Vivitar: 35 CA
13.unknown companies: Franka X-500
14.unknown companies: Snap Sights
15.unknown companies: Nikon Moto Drive F41
16.Haking: Haking Compact Flash
17.Foto-Kemika: Foto-Kemika Box
18.Polaroid: Sonar One Step
19.Olympus: Mju Zoom
20.KW (KameraWerkstatten): Praktica M35 FF
21.Vernon: Vernon 18/28
23.Kopil: IV EE Poer Zoom-4 8
24.Kopil: Zoom 8 EE
25.Yashica: UL
26.Yashica: UP
27. Konishiroku (Konica): Konica EU Mini II
28.GOMZ: Lomo 214
29.GOMZ: Lomo 215
30.Kohka: Kohka 712P Automatic TTL
31.Gof: Gof 65 Auto Zoom
32.Bauer: Bauer C21 Super
33.Bauer: Bauer C1M Super
34.Chinon: 870 Power Zoom
35.Yashica: Super-800 Electro
36.Canon: Auto Zoom 512 XL Electronic
37.Canon: Auto Zoom 318M
38.Foto-Quelle: CX 20
39.Saba: Saba CVR 2700
40.Panasonic - National: MC 30
41.unknown companies: Pingouin Micro-110
42.Bauer: C 106
43.Lomography: Action Tracker
44.Konishiroku (Konica): POP EF-80
45.unknown companies: Fonna M-900
46.Bauer: C2M Super
47.Chinon: XL 555 Macro
48.Photo Porst: Porst Reflex XL 423
49.unknown companies: Le Mini By:Le Clic
50.unknown companies: Debonair
51.Alstar: Alstar
52.Minolta: Freedom Action Zoom II
53.AGFA: ePhoto CL 30 Clik1
54.Canon: PRIMA BF-800
55.Panasonic: C-2000 ZM
56.Foto-Quelle: Revue Pocket 106
57.unknown companies: Tianma TM-312
58.Minolta: Zoom 80 AF
59.GAF: Personal Camera
60.Hanimex: CPM 53
61.Bauer: C4 Super
62.Panasonic: C-520 AF
63.Grundig: Grundig Super Color FAC 1900
64.Grundig: Grundig VS 159
65.unknown companies: Ginette M68F
66.Kodak Eastman: Instamatic 55-X
67.Minolta: Minoltina 8
68.Bell & Howell: Focus-Matic 672/XL
69.Chinon: Powerzoom Classic 722-P
70.unknown companies: Alibi
71.unknown companies: Legby GM-71
72.Kodak Eastman: Fun Classic
74.Panasonic: RX70
75.Chinon: Power Zoom 570
76.Lomography: Diana F+
77.Minolta: Pocket Autopak 470
78.GOMZ: Lomo 219
79.Bell & Howell: Autoload 308
80.Getter: Getter 1001
81.Gevaert Zoomex
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Re: Camera list update

Postby diser » Fri May 24, 2019 12:44 pm

Some of these are already on a site, I am slowly going though the rest items added by collectors and missing in the DB. They'll get there for sure!

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Re: Camera list update

Postby groznim84 » Sat May 25, 2019 7:23 am

OK, thank you.

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