List lenses by brand, not by mount

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List lenses by brand, not by mount

Postby ph. » Wed Sep 06, 2017 3:41 am

I just had a look at "ZeissIkon" under lenses; I presume that the intention is to differentiate the later ZIV from CZJ and CZ. However, the only lens listed is not a ZIV product, but a Soligor: is it actually labelled Zeiss -Voigtländer or does it just fit the ZIV Icarex?

Heaps of M42 optics will fit the Icarex TM, but should be listed under maker unless they -like some late CZJ lenses , the late Leica R optics and current Voigtländers & Zeiss´ are produced under licence and control of the original maker.

If the intention is to have a ZIV heading, some of those now listed under CZs , such as the TM Ultron should be moved there


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