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Collection by John Kratz.

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Here are a few cameras from my collection. All of the photos are photos I took, of cameras I own.
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Manufacturer:Model Manufacture years Serial Number Date acquiredPrice PaidComments
ACE Camera Equipment: Sure-Flex camera  ACE Camera Equipment: Sure-Flex1960  $20.00The Sure-Flex is basically identical to the Anscoflex II, but with the addition of two selectable aperture and shutter speed settings. This particular camera has a film winding knob that's different than other examples I've seen.
AGFA ANSCO: Antar PB-20 camera  AGFA ANSCO: Antar PB-20c1935  $17.25
AGFA ANSCO: Readyset No. 1 Moroccan camera  AGFA ANSCO: Readyset No. 1 Moroccanc1929  $91.00c.1929. Beautifully embossed blue leather with matching bellows and nickel-plated hardware. This is a rare camera.
Agilux: AgiFlash camera  Agilux: AgiFlash1954-1958  $4.41Excellent, unique design.

England, circa 1954.
Ansco: Ansco Special No.2 camera  Ansco: Ansco Special No.21924-1928  $17.00Mint with original box. A really beautiful box camera.

Ansco: Anscoflex II camera  Ansco: Anscoflex II1954  $4.99Designed by Raymond Loewy and made of metal, the Anscoflex features a protective front panel which, when raised, opens the viewfinder cover at the top via a clever mechanical linkage.
Full outfit in luggage-style case. Camera in mint condition. 1954.
Ansco: Craftsman camera  Ansco: Craftsman1950-1951  $21.50A build-it-yourself box camera kit, marketed to children.

Mint, unbuilt kit from 1950.
Ansco: Junior Press Photographer camera  Ansco: Junior Press Photographer1949-1950  $9.99Another concept aimed at children, 1949.

Full outfit (less film & batteries).
Ansco: Memo (wood body) camera  Ansco: Memo (wood body)c1926 1625 $91.00Near-mint, with original case. This is the original version of the Memo, produced for a very short time and hard to find now.

Made late 1926/early 1927.
Ansco: Readyset Royal No.1 Silberfuchs (silver fox) camera  Ansco: Readyset Royal No.1 Silberfuchs (silver fox)1931-1932  $25.00Another attractive camera from Ansco.
APM: Rajar No.6 camera  APM: Rajar No.6c1929  $34.001929. One of the first-ever bakelite cameras.
Argus: Argus C3 Matchmatic camera  Argus: Argus C3 Matchmatic1958-1966  $25.50Near-mint with original case which accommodates meter.
Argus: Argus Golden Shield camera  Argus: Argus Golden Shieldc1960-1961  $20.00Same as the Matchmatic above, but with a metallic mylar covering on the front & back and a Golden Shield badge in place of the Argus logo.

With "Golden Shield" case.
Argus: Argus M camera  Argus: Argus M1939-1940  $19.501939. Wonderful shape!
Argus: Lady Carefree camera  Argus: Lady Carefree1960-1967  $4.52I have two variations of this camera, both with original boxes. Also have a variation called the Lady Carefree Elite:
Balda: Lady Debutante camera  Balda: Lady Debutante1967  $35.00Same as the Argus Lady Carefree above, but with a shimmery golden front covering instead of the brocade. The Argus Lady Carefree was actually made by Balda.
Bear Photo: Bear Photo Special camera  Bear Photo: Bear Photo Specialc1938  $37.00Made by Ansco for the Bear Photo Co. of California. 1928-30.
Bell (International): Bell Kamra KTC-62 camera  Bell (International): Bell Kamra KTC-62c1959  $79.99Combination transistor radio & camera. Excellent working condition.
Bernard: Faultless Miniature camera  Bernard: Faultless Miniaturec1947  $20.00Simple and elegant.
Bolsey: Bolsey-Flex camera  Bolsey: Bolsey-Flexc1954  $39.00A name variant of the Ising Pucky camera, made in Germany circa 1954.
But while the Pucky is black, the Bolsey-Flex is clad in fabulous institutional green!
Butcher & Son: Midg No.0 camera  Butcher & Son: Midg No.01902-1920  $31.17Mahogany & leather drop-plate box camera, circa 1905.

Mine is not in great shape.
Camcor: Camcor camera  Camcor: Camcorc1956  $7.991956. Quirky but attractive, the Camcor was a commercial failure due to its non-standard film magazines. This makes it quite difficult to find these days.
Camera Man. Inc.: Silver King camera  Camera Man. Inc.: Silver Kingc1946  $9/$16Fantastic, unique design.

I have both variants with boxes:
Coronet Camera: Consul camera  Coronet Camera: Consulc1950-1956  $9.99With original case.

Made in England, circa 1950.
Coronet Camera: Eclair Lux camera  Coronet Camera: Eclair Luxc1950s  $27.25Collectors really like this camera because of its striking faceplate. Mine even has the original box! 1940s.
Dacora Dangelmaier: Daci Royal (colored) camera  Dacora Dangelmaier: Daci Royal (colored)c1950s  $24.50With original case.

1950, Germany. Great design. Also available in red, grey, and black.
DeVry: QRS Kamra camera  DeVry: QRS Kamrac1928  $26.00Early 35mm camera made in Chicago c1928. The camera body is made from resin with bits of cotton rags mixed in!
Durst S A.: Duca (red) camera  Durst S A.: Duca (red)1946-1951  
Eho-Altissa: Super Altissa camera  Eho-Altissa: Super Altissac1938  $42.10With original case.

A real crowd-pleaser, with its eye-catching faceplate and stylish latches.

Germany, circa 1938.
Eliott: V.P.Twin camera  Eliott: V.P.Twinc1935  $18.00Very small plastic camera, made in England circa 1935. Available in black, red, green, & blue, but my favorite is the "walnut marbled" finish, shown here.
FED: FED (Type 1d) (NKVD) camera  FED: FED (Type 1d) (NKVD)1939-1941  $35.00Russian Leica II copy, circa 1939.

The NKVD later became the KGB.
Ferrania: Euramatic FC camera  Ferrania: Euramatic FCc1964  $1.76Mint.

Mid-1960s Italian camera for 126 film. Beautiful gold finish.
Fex - Indo: Ultra-Fex Himalaya camera  Fex - Indo: Ultra-Fex Himalayac1950-1951  $2.54Excellent with original case and an Ultra-Fex keychain!

Made in France circa 1956.
Fiamma: Gioietta camera  Fiamma: Gioiettac1933-1935  $100Very attractive box camera
in chocolate brown. Made in Florence, Italy c.1930.
Five Star Camera: Five Star Candid Camera camera  Five Star Camera: Five Star Candid Camerac1960  $14.99Nice streamlined design on this Chicago camera.
Forte: Optifort camera  Forte: Optifortc1949-1950  $40.00

Forte was a manufacturer of photographic film and paper products, based in Hungary. In 1949, they introduced the Optifort camera, available only to the Hungarian market, and only until 1950. It's made of cast aluminum and finished in glossy black lacquer.
Fotobras: Brasilmatic camera  Fotobras: Brasilmaticc1960s  $41.06Brazilian clone of the Kodak Brownie Flash (II & III) box cameras. Hard to find in the United States.
Fototecnica: Bandi camera  Fototecnica: Bandic1946-1948  $50.00
Fototecnica: Filmor camera  Fototecnica: Filmor1950-1954  $14.16Excellent, with original case.

Made in Italy circa 1950.
Gallus: Derby-Lux camera  Gallus: Derby-Luxc1946  $43.00Bare, polished aluminum camera, made in France circa 1945.

Later renamed "Derlux".
Galter: Hopalong Cassidy camera  Galter: Hopalong Cassidyc1950  $24.95
Galter: Majestic (box) camera  Galter: Majestic (box)c1950  $10.00Simple sheet-metal box camera with wonderful graphics, made in Chicago circa 1950.
Ginfax: Heineken camera  Ginfax: Heinekenc1998  $14.99Mint. Also have Kirin (beer) and Coca-Cola versions.
Goldstein: Caves Sainte Marguerite camera  Goldstein: Caves Sainte Margueritec1948-1950s  $159.00Advertising camera. "Caves Ste. Marguerite" is a winery.

Extremely hard to find.
Goyo: Rosko Brilliant 620 Model 2 camera  Goyo: Rosko Brilliant 620 Model 2c1955  $29.99With matching Rosko flash unit. Both mint in original boxes.

Very uncommon.
Hamaphot KG: P56L camera  Hamaphot KG: P56L1956  $9.66With original case.

Close cousin of the Pouva "Start" cameras.
Hamilton: Super-Flex camera  Hamilton: Super-Flexc1947  $3.99This one is in fairly poor condition, but I've never seen another one just like it.

Mid-1940s, Chicago.
Haneel Sales: Tri-Vision camera  Haneel Sales: Tri-Visionc1946-1949  $32.98Beautiful, uniquely-designed stereo camera, made in California from 1946 to 1949.
Hendren: Octopus 'the Weekender' camera  Hendren: Octopus 'the Weekender'c1983  $3.00A multi-function device including a 110 camera, AM/FM radio, flashlight, clock, stopwatch, dual time zone indicator, wake up alarm, and a storage compartment.

Kentucky, 1983.
Hunter: Gilbert camera  Hunter: Gilbert1953  $40.00Another unique design, and quite lovely.

Stainless steel with a faux crocodile covering.

London, 1953.
Ilford: Sprite 35 camera  Ilford: Sprite 351951-1967  $5.50Mint, never used.

Plastic with fabric front covering. Mid-1960s England.
Impulse: Voltron Starshooter 110 camera  Impulse: Voltron Starshooter 110c1985  $27.001985.

A robot whose shoulders are a working 110 camera. When folded up, resembles a 35mm SLR. Fun!
Indra Camera: Indra Lux camera  Indra Camera: Indra Luxc1949  $161.56With original case.

Very hard to find. Germany, 1949.

Stunning design!
Irwin: Dual Reflex camera  Irwin: Dual Reflex1939  $23.50Art-deco pseudo-TLR from Chicago.
Irwin: Kandor camera  Irwin: Kandor1939  $4.20"Sardine Can" camera. Circa 1939, New York.

Mint with original box.
Kemper: Kombi camera  Kemper: Kombic1892  $200.00With original box. Matching numbers on body & back.

Tiny metal box camera, made in Chicago circa 1892.
Kochmann: Reflex Korelle camera  Kochmann: Reflex Korelle1935-1936  $59.00Excellent, with original case.

Medium-format SLR made in Germany circa 1934.
Kodak Eastman: Brownie StarFlash Coca Cola camera  Kodak Eastman: Brownie StarFlash Coca Cola1959  $0.92Yes, this camera was 92 cents!

Kodak Eastman: Duaflex I camera  Kodak Eastman: Duaflex I1947-1955  $10.50British version of the 1st model. 1947.
Kodak Eastman: Folding Pocket No.3A Mod B camera  Kodak Eastman: Folding Pocket No.3A Mod B1903-1915 7660-A $12.16With original EKC case. Circa 1903.
Kodak Eastman: Hawkette No.2 camera  Kodak Eastman: Hawkette No.21930  $78.66Mint, with original case.

1930s England. Gorgeous.
Kodak Eastman: Pocket Kodak Box camera  Kodak Eastman: Pocket Kodak Box1895-1900  $20.001896 model.
Kodak Eastman: Rainbow Hawk-Eye No.2A Model  B (colored) camera  Kodak Eastman: Rainbow Hawk-Eye No.2A Model B (colored)1931-1932  $21.50This variant has a sticker on the side that says, "mail your films to Flying Film Co. San Antonio Texas". Lots of advertising stickers on the inside too.
Kodak Eastman: Rio-400 camera  Kodak Eastman: Rio-4001965  $19.99With original case.

Made in Brazil, 1965. Hard to find!
M.I.O.M.: Photax III camera  M.I.O.M.: Photax IIIc1947-1951  $9.00Mint with cap & original case.

Made in France.
Maruso Trading: Top camera  Maruso Trading: Top1965  $25.00Dual finder version. Plastic body (despite the appearance), metal front & back.
Mergott: Jem Junior 120 camera  Mergott: Jem Junior 120c1940s  $17.00Camera & flash attachment, both with original boxes.

1940s, New Jersey.
Metro: Metro Flash No.1 Deluxe camera  Metro: Metro Flash No.1 Deluxec1945  $49.00Octagonal faceplate version, with original box.

Another New Jersey camera, this one is VERY uncommon.
Monroe Sales Co: Color-Flex camera  Monroe Sales Co: Color-Flexc1947  $33.00Great-looking camera, made circa 1947.
National Instrument: Major camera  National Instrument: Majorc1947  $2.00Simple but uncommon metal box camera, made in Texas circa 1947.
Nikon: Nikon FM chrome camera  Nikon: Nikon FM chrome1977  Beauty. Japan, 1977.
Philips: Philips Box Flash camera  Philips: Philips Box Flashc1950s  $50.99Uncommon bakelite beauty, made in the Netherlands in 1950.
Renemann: Rewo Louise camera  Renemann: Rewo Louise1949-1951  $40.00
Richter KW: Trumpfreflex camera  Richter KW: Trumpfreflexc1936  $20.00Export version of the Richter Reflecta, sold in the U.S. by Sears.

Germany, circa 1940.
Riken: Ricohflex Model III camera  Riken: Ricohflex Model III1950  $51.00Geared-together lenses on this basic, but very nice TLR.
Ruberg & Renner: Ruberg Futuro (red) camera  Ruberg & Renner: Ruberg Futuro (red)c1933  Gorgeous example with red/black marbelized enamel. Also have a black one.

Germany, circa 1933.
Sawyers: Nomad 127 camera  Sawyers: Nomad 127c1957  $4.99Very attractive brown bakelite camera, made circa 1957 by the company that brought you the View-Master.
Sawyers: View-master Personal Stereo camera  Sawyers: View-master Personal Stereo1952  $67.21Stereo camera for making your own View-Master reels.

Sears Roebuck: Tower 120 Flash camera  Sears Roebuck: Tower 120 Flash1954  $16.27Sears-branded version of the Ising Pucky
Sears Roebuck: Tower Camflash 127 camera  Sears Roebuck: Tower Camflash 1271958  $1.25Mint condition, full outfit.

Circa 1960.
Seymore: Brenda Starr Cub Reporter camera  Seymore: Brenda Starr Cub Reporter1942  $99.00With original box.

The most desirable of the Chicago "minicams" of this type. Wonderful graphics on the faceplate. Mid-1940s.
Seymore: Dick Tracy camera  Seymore: Dick Tracy1942  I have all three faceplate versions:
Sirchie Fingerprint: Dual Frame camera  Sirchie Fingerprint: Dual Framec1990s  $6.99Mugshot camera. 1990s.
Societe Press de Vergne: Atlas camera  Societe Press de Vergne: Atlasc1949  $60.00
Spartus: Co-Flash camera  Spartus: Co-Flashc1960  $6.45Unusual design. Chicago, circa 1960.

Spartus: Press Flash camera  Spartus: Press Flash1939-1950  $24.99Unusual variant in brown bakelite and uncommon faceplate design. Mint example with flash cover (also brown).
Speed-o-matic: Speed-o-matic camera  Speed-o-matic: Speed-o-maticc1947-1948  $20.50Boston, 1948. Tedious "instant" picture camera. Unfortunately introduced at the same time as the Polaroid.

With developing tank, original boxes.
Stan-Test: Minix camera  Stan-Test: Minixc1960s  $13.27Interesting hard-angled body style, identical to the President & Champion cameras from "The Camera Man".
Standard Cameras: Robin-Hood-Stereo camera  Standard Cameras: Robin-Hood-Stereo1930s  $45.44Stereo camera, 1930s England.

Colorful speckled bakelite.
Sugiyama: Slick camera  Sugiyama: Slickc1940s Lens #3334 $11.05Very rare camera. Reportedly only three known to exist!
Tasco: Tasco 8000 (binocular) camera  Tasco: Tasco 8000 (binocular)c1980-1983  $49.99110 film camera combined with binoculars. 1980.
Technicolor: Mark Ten camera  Technicolor: Mark Ten1967  $5.72Super-8 camera with great styling. 1960s.
Teddy Camera: Teddy Model A camera  Teddy Camera: Teddy Model A1924  $182.50Beautiful red & gold stamped-metal box camera, made in New Jersey c.1924. Originally sold for $2.00. Hard to find now.
Thornton Pickard: Puck camera  Thornton Pickard: Puckc1909-1928  $29.991925, England.

Beautiful, rugged wooden box camera with faux alligator covering and enameled brass hardware.
Tougodo: Skyflex camera  Tougodo: Skyflex1955  $36.00With original case.

Very nice TLR, made in Japan circa 1955.
Ulca Camera: Ulca TSL camera  Ulca Camera: Ulca TSL1935  $25.45Very small camera made in Pittsburgh PA circa 1935. My example came in its original box, with the instruction sheet, some sample images, and a roll of ULCA film which is about the size of a thimble
Universal Camera: Mercury Model CC 1500 (Univex) camera  Universal Camera: Mercury Model CC 1500 (Univex)1939-1940  $55.89Near-mint camera with original case and accessory meter.

1939, USA. Not common.
Universal Camera: Univex Iris Deluxe camera  Universal Camera: Univex Iris Deluxe1938  $11.99Uncommon version with non-focusing lens.

USA, 1938.
Voigtländer: Vitessa 500 AE "Jacaranda-wood" (Palisander) camera  Voigtländer: Vitessa 500 AE "Jacaranda-wood" (Palisander)1968  $22.49Germany, 1968.
Vredeborch: Alka Box camera  Vredeborch: Alka Box1953  $5.75Germany, circa 1953.

Just one of many attractive box cameras from Vredeborch.
Whitehouse: Charlie Tuna camera  Whitehouse: Charlie Tuna1971  $35.99Mint in box.

New York, 1971.
WZFO: Alfa camera  WZFO: Alfac1963  $132.50Dark blue. Excellent condition with original case.
Yashica: Yashica-Mat 124 G camera  Yashica: Yashica-Mat 124 G1971  $20.00Mint condition. $20 price included original case, booklets, & several accessories.

Circa 1971.
Zeiss Ikon VEB: Penti (aqua/gold) camera  Zeiss Ikon VEB: Penti (aqua/gold)1959  $36.00Gorgeous! Germany, 1959.
Zeiss Ikon VEB: Penti (red/gold) camera  Zeiss Ikon VEB: Penti (red/gold)1959  $12.99As above, different color.
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