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Adams-&-Co Minex-Deluxe-Stereo
Minex Deluxe Stereo

Bell-&-Howell Stereo-Colorist-I
Stereo-Colorist I

Bellieni Jumelle-Stereo
Jumelle Stereo

Bertsch Chambre-Automatique-Stereo-REPLICA
Chambre Automatique Stereo REPLICA

Boreux Nanna-Stereo
Nanna Stereo

Butcher-&-Son Stereo-Movie-Camera
Stereo Movie Camera

Chadwick Stereo-Camera
Stereo Camera

Clément-Maurice-&-Duchatellier Stereo

Contessa-Nettel Deckrullo-Nettel-Stereo
Deckrullo Nettel Stereo

Dallmeyer-J.-H. Stereo-(sliding-box,-wet-plates)-Universal
Stereo (sliding box, wet plates) Universal

Demaria-Freres Jumelle-Stereo-Panoramique
Jumelle Stereo Panoramique

Dumaige Stereo-(Jumelle)
Stereo (Jumelle)

Ernemann Dove-Stereoscop-(Stereobox)
Dove Stereoscop (Stereobox)

Ernemann HEAG-I-Stereo
HEAG I Stereo

Ernemann HEAG-XII-(Model-lll,-Stereo)
HEAG XII (Model lll, Stereo)

Ernemann Stereo-Ernoflex
Stereo Ernoflex

Ernemann Stereoscop-(plates)
Stereoscop (plates)

Fauvel Stereo

FED FED-Zorki-Stereo
FED Zorki Stereo

Gallus Gallus-Stereo
Gallus Stereo

Garcin Stereoscopic

Gaumont Stereo-(Spido,-tropical)
Stereo (Spido, tropical)

Goerz-C.P. Anschutz-Stereo-Ango-Stereo
Anschütz Stereo-Ango Stereo

Goldmann Stereo-Camera-(13x18)
Stereo Camera (13x18)

Grabner Stereo-Camera-(tailboard)
Stereo Camera (tailboard)

Gundlach Korona-Stereo-(folding)
Korona Stereo (folding)

Hermagis Velo-Jumelle-Stereo
Velo Jumelle Stereo

Houghton Stereo-Holborn-Ilex-14b
Stereo Holborn-Ilex 14b

Huttig Ideal-Stereo
Ideal Stereo

ICA Ideal-Stereo-(6x13,-651)
Ideal Stereo (6x13, 651)

ICA Minimum-Palmos-Stereo-(693---6x13)
Minimum Palmos Stereo (693 - 6x13)

ICA Stereolette-(610)
Stereolette (610)

Ihagee Ultrix-Stereo-No.1690
Ultrix Stereo No.1690

Adams-&-Co Stereo-Tropen
Stereo Tropen (Tropical)

Bell-&-Howell Stereo-Colorist-II
Stereo-Colorist II

Bellani Cosmos-Stereo
Cosmos Stereo

Bellieni Stereo-Reisekamera
Stereo Reisekamera (Field Camera)

Blair Stereo-Hawk-Eye-No.3
Stereo Hawk-Eye No.3

Busch-Emil Stereo-Beecam
Stereo Beecam

Cadot Detective-Stereo
Detective Stereo

Chadwick Patent-Stereo
Patent Stereo

Chapman Stereo-Reisekamera-(Field-Camera)
Stereo Reisekamera (Field Camera)

Contessa-Nettel Citoskop-Stereo
Citoskop Stereo

Cornu Stereo-Camera
Stereo Camera

Demaria-Freres Stereo-Camera
Stereo Camera

Eho-Altissa Eho-Stereobox
Eho Stereobox

Ernemann Bob-V-Stereo
Bob V Stereo

Ernemann Globus-Stereo
Globus Stereo

Ernemann HEAG-XV-Stereo
HEAG XV Stereo

Ernemann Stereo-Simplex
Stereo Simplex

Ernemann Stereo-Spiegel-Reflex

Fallowfield Detective-Stereo-Camera
Detective Stereo Camera

Fleury-Hermagis Stereo

Francais-Emil Kinegraphe-Stereo
Kinegraphe Stereo

Gaumont Block-Notes-Stereo
Block-Notes Stereo

Gaumont Stereo-(wide-angle)
Stereo (wide angle)

Goerz-C.P. Stereo-Pocket-Tenax
Stereo Pocket Tenax

Goldmann Stereo-Detective-camera
Stereo Detective camera

Graflex Stereo-Auto-Graflex
Stereo Auto Graflex

Hare Stereo-(sliding-board)
Stereo (sliding board)

Hermagis Velocigraphe-Stereo
Velocigraphe Stereo

Houghton Victo-Stereo-(Triple-Victo-Stereo)
Victo Stereo (Triple Victo Stereo)

Huttig Lloyd-Stereo-(box,-9x18)
Lloyd Stereo (box, 9x18)

ICA Dreiverschluss-Stereo-Panorama-(690-691)
Dreiverschluss Stereo-Panorama (690/691)

ICA Reicka-Stereo-(680)
Reicka Stereo (680)

ICA Stereolette-(611)
Stereolette (611)

ISO Duplex-120-Stereo
Duplex 120 Stereo

Adams-&-Co Vesta-Stereo
Vesta Stereo

Balbreck Stereo

Bellieni Extra-Plat-Stereo
Extra Plat Stereo

Bentzin Stereo-Focal-Primar
Stereo-Focal Primar

Blair Stereo-Weno
Stereo Weno

Busch-Emil Stereo-Preis

Caillon Neo-Jumelle-Stereo
Neo Jumelle Stereo

Chapman British-Stereo
British Stereo

Conley Stereo-box
Stereo box

Contessa-Nettel Duchessa-Stereo-(central-shutter)
Duchessa Stereo (central shutter)

Demaria-Freres Folding-Stereo
Folding Stereo

Doyen Deplide-Stereo
Deplide Stereo

Ernemann Archimedes-Stereo
Archimedes Stereo

Ernemann Edison-Stereo
Edison Stereo

Ernemann HEAG-III-Stereo

Ernemann Liliput-Stereo
Liliput Stereo

Ernemann Simplex-Ernoflex-Stereo
Simplex Ernoflex Stereo

Ernemann Stereoscop-(film)
Stereoscop (film)

Fauvel Stereoscopique

Folmer-and-Schwing The-Triple-Lens-Stereo-Graphic
The Triple Lens Stereo Graphic

Gallus Gallus-Stereo-(prototype)
Gallus Stereo (prototype)

Gaumont Stereo-(Spido,-metallic)
Stereo (Spido, metallic)

Gaumont Stereo-Chambre-Folding-Tropical-(Field-Camera)
Stereo Chambre Folding Tropical (Field Camera)

Goerz-C.P. Stereotenax

Goldmann Universal-Stereo-Camera
Universal Stereo Camera

Guillon Pygmee-Stereo
Pygmee Stereo

Haake-&-Albers Victoria-Stereo
Victoria Stereo

Horne-&-Thornthwaite Powell's-Stereo-Camera
Powell"s Stereo Camera

Hurman Tailboard-Stereo
Tailboard Stereo

Huttig Lloyd-Stereo-(folding,-9x18)
Lloyd Stereo (folding, 9x18)

ICA Klapp-Stereo-Palmos-(695---9x12)
Klapp Stereo-Palmos (695 - 9x12)

ICA Stereofix-(604)
Stereofix (604)

ICA Stereolette-Cupido-(620)
Stereolette Cupido (620)

ISO Duplex-Super-120-Stereo
Duplex Super 120 Stereo

American-Optical Henry-Clay-Stereo-Camera
Henry Clay Stereo Camera

Baudry Isographe-Stereo
Isographe Stereo

Bell-&-Howell Stereo-Vivid

Bentzin Rechteck-Primar-Stereo

Blair Stereo-Hawk-Eye-No.4
Stereo Hawk-Eye No.4

Bredt Bredt-Stereo
Bredt Stereo

Cadot Fallax-Stereo
Fallax Stereo

Century-Camera Century-Stereo
Century Stereo

CIA-(Camera-Industrie-A.G.) CIA-Stereo-Box
CIA Stereo Box

Conley Stereo-Magazine-Camera-(quickshot)
Stereo Magazine Camera (quickshot)

Contessa-Nettel Duchessa-Stereo-(focal-plane-shutter)
Duchessa Stereo (focal plane shutter)

Demaria-Freres Jumelle-Capsa-Stereo
Jumelle Capsa Stereo

Dubroni Photo-Sport-Stereo
Photo-Sport Stereo

Ernemann Bob-IV-Stereo
Bob IV Stereo

Ernemann Erni-Stereo
Erni Stereo

Ernemann HEAG-VI-Stereo-(two-shutters)
HEAG VI Stereo (two shutters)

Ernemann Nansen-Stereo
Nansen Stereo

Ernemann Stereo-Rontgen

Fallowfield Tailboard-(Stereo)
Tailboard (Stereo)

Fetter Stereo

Gallus Gallus-Stereo-(Luxus)
Gallus Stereo (Luxus)

Gaumont Stereo-(Spido,-Model-A)
Stereo (Spido, Model A)

Gennert Stereo-Montauk
Stereo Montauk

Goerz-C.P. Stereo-Binocle

GOMZ Smena-Stereo-(custom)
Smena Stereo (custom)

Grundmann Stereo-Camera
Stereo Camera

Hare Stereo-Camera
Stereo Camera

Houghton Smyth's-Stereo-Hand-Camera
Smyth"s Stereo Hand Camera

Houghton Stereo-Klito
Stereo Klito

Huttig Lloyd-Stereo
Lloyd Stereo

ICA Ideal-Stereo-(9x18,-650)
Ideal Stereo (9x18, 650)

ICA Reicka-Stereo-Panorama-(685)
Reicka Stereo Panorama (685)

ICA Toska-Stereo-(680)
Toska Stereo (680)

Jamin Stereo-Camera
Stereo Camera

Ansco Stereo-Solograph

Bazin-&-Leroy Stereocycle

Bellieni Folding-Stereo
Folding Stereo

Bentzin Stereo-Reflex-Primar

Bloch-Leon Physiograph-Stereo
Physiograph Stereo

Busch-Emil Stereo-Reisekamera
Stereo-Reisekamera (Field Camera)

Carpentier,-Jules Stereo-Jumelle

Compagnie-Francaise-de-Photographie Photosphere-4-Stereo
Photosphere 4 Stereo

Derogy-Paris Stereo-Camera
Stereo Camera

Dubroni Stereo-Camera

Ernemann Klapp-Camera-Stereo-(Model-III)
Klapp-Camera Stereo (Model III)

Ernemann Stereo-Klappkamera

Ernemann Tropen-Klapp-Camera-Stereo
Tropen Klapp-Camera Stereo

FED FED-Boy-Stereo
FED Boy Stereo

Francais-Emil Cosmopolite-Stereo
Cosmopolite Stereo

Gandolfi Stereo-(2)
Stereo (2)

Gaumont Stereo-(Spido,-wooden)
Stereo (Spido, wooden)

Goerz-C.P. Stereo-Luxus
Stereo Luxus

GOMZ Smena-6-Stereo
Smena 6 Stereo

Graflex Stereo-Graphic-(35)
Stereo Graphic (35)

Hermagis Stereo-Multiple
Stereo Multiple

Houghton Stereo-Holborn-Ilex-14
Stereo Holborn-Ilex 14

Huttig Helios-Stereo
Helios Stereo

Huttig Stereo-Volta-(6x13)
Stereo Volta (6x13)

ICA Lloyd-Stereo-(660-675)
Lloyd Stereo (660/675)

ICA Stereo-(strut-folding,-prototype)
Stereo (strut-folding, prototype)

Ihagee Exakta-VX-IIa-(stereo-outfit)
Exakta VX IIa (stereo outfit)

Anthony Champion-Stereo-(5x8)
Champion Stereo (5x8)

Baudry Isographe-Stereo-(prototype)
Isographe Stereo (prototype)

Bellieni Jumelle-Stereo-Panoramique
Jumelle Stereo Panoramique

Blair Stereo-Hawk-Eye-No.2
Stereo Hawk-Eye No.2

Boucher Stereo-Camera
Stereo Camera

Butcher-&-Son Cameo-Stereo
Cameo Stereo

Caillon Scopea-Stereo
Scopea Stereo

Compagnie-Francaise-de-Photographie Stereo-Camera-(tropical,-9x12)
Stereo Camera (tropical, 9x12)

Contessa-Nettel Deckrullo-Nettel-Tropen-Stereo
Deckrullo Nettel Tropen Stereo

Demaria-Freres Caleb-Stereo
Caleb Stereo

Dom-Martin Stereo

Dubroni Stereographe-No.2
Stereographe No.2

Ernemann Dove-Stereoscop-Luxus-(Stereobox)
Dove Stereoscop Luxus (Stereobox)

Ernemann HEAG-IV-Stereo
HEAG IV Stereo

Ernemann Moser-Stereoskop
Moser Stereoskop

Ernemann Stereo-Reflex

Ezuchevsky Stereo-Instantaneous
Stereo Instantaneous

FED FED-Stereo
FED Stereo

Fournier Stereo

Franceville Minoscope-Stereo
Minoscope Stereo

Gandolfi Stereo-Tropical
Stereo Tropical

Gaumont Stereo-(Spido,-Model-D)-
Stereo (Spido, Model D)

Gennert Stereoscopic-Montauk
Stereoscopic Montauk

Goldmann Stereo-Camera
Stereo Camera

Grabner Stereo-Camera
Stereo Camera

Gundlach Korona-Stereo-(box)
Korona Stereo (box)

Hermagis Stereo-Jumelle

Houghton Ensign-Cameo-Stereo
Ensign Cameo Stereo

Huttig Detective-Stereo
Detective Stereo

Huttig Record-Stereo
Record Stereo

ICA Lloyd-Stereo-Panorama-(670)
Lloyd Stereo Panorama (670)

ICA Rekord-Stereo-Panorama-(710)
Rekord Stereo Panorama (710)

ICA Tropica-Stereo-(10x15)
Tropica Stereo (10x15)

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