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Riken Institute was founded in 1917. The photo paper manufacturing division of the institute became an independent company in 1936. The very next year, this company bought Olympic Camera manufacturer, and began manufacturing its own cameras. In 1963 the company was renamed Ricoh – after its line of cameras – and is still in production today as a manufacturer of digital cameras. An excellent source for technical information about Riken models is an Unofficial Guide to Ricoh Cameras.

Riken cameras:
Adler A  Info
Adler C  Info
Adler III  Info
Adler Semi  Info
Baby Kinsi  Info
Chukon Reflex  PhotoInfo
Gokoku No.1  PhotoInfo
Golden Ricoh 16  PhotoInfoCollectionManual
Golden Steky  PhotoInfoCollection
Hanken Camera  PhotoInfoComments
Kinshi I  Info
PMC Automatic Rapid  Info
Professional Auto-35 Half  Collection
Ricoh 126 C Auto CdS  Info
Ricoh 126 C Automatic  PhotoInfoCollection
Ricoh 126 C Deluxe  PhotoInfo
Ricoh 126 C EE  Info
Ricoh 126 C EES  Info
Ricoh 126 C Flex TLS  PhotoInfoManual
Ricoh 16  PhotoInfo
Ricoh 300  PhotoInfoCollection
Ricoh 300S  PhotoInfoCollection
Ricoh 35  PhotoInfoCollectionManual
Ricoh 35 Deluxe  PhotoInfo
Ricoh 35 Deluxe L  Info
Ricoh 35 EF  PhotoInfoCollection
Ricoh 35 EFL  Info
Ricoh 35 EFS  PhotoInfoCollectionManual
Ricoh 35 Flex  InfoCollectionManual
Ricoh 35 Flex CdS  PhotoInfoCollection
Ricoh 35 FM  PhotoInfoCollection
Ricoh 35 K Rapid  InfoCollection
Ricoh 35 L  PhotoInfoCollection
Ricoh 35 New Deluxe  Info
Ricoh 35 R  Info
Ricoh 35 S  PhotoInfoCollection
Ricoh 35 S2  PhotoInfoCollection
Ricoh 35 S3  Info
Ricoh 35 ST  PhotoInfoCollectionManual
Ricoh 35 ZF  PhotoInfoCollectionManual
Ricoh 35 ZF ST  PhotoCollection
Ricoh 4x4 
Ricoh 500  PhotoInfoCollectionManual
Ricoh 500 Deluxe  Info
Ricoh 500 G  PhotoInfoCollectionManual
Ricoh 500 GS  PhotoInfoCollection
Ricoh 500 GX  PhotoInfoCollection
Ricoh 500 ME  PhotoInfoCollectionManual
Ricoh 500 RF  PhotoInfoCollectionManual
Ricoh 500 ST  PhotoInfoCollection
Ricoh 500 ZF  PhotoInfo
Ricoh 519 Deluxe  PhotoInfoCollection
Ricoh 520 M  Info
Ricoh 520 M CdS  Info
Ricoh 800 EES  PhotoInfoCollection
Ricoh 999  PhotoInfo
Ricoh A-2  PhotoInfo
Ricoh AD-1  PhotoInfoManual
Ricoh AF-100  Manual
Ricoh AF-2  PhotoInfoManual
Ricoh AF-21 
Ricoh AF-2D  Info
Ricoh AF-303  InfoManual
Ricoh AF-40  PhotoInfoManual
Ricoh AF-45  Manual
Ricoh AF-5  PhotoInfoCollectionManual
Ricoh AF-5 D  PhotoInfoCollection
Ricoh AF-50  PhotoInfoCollection
Ricoh AF-50 D  Info
Ricoh AF-500  InfoManual
Ricoh AF-5000  Info
Ricoh AF-505  Info
Ricoh AF-505 D  Info
Ricoh AF-55  InfoCollectionManual
Ricoh AF-60  PhotoInfoCollection
Ricoh AF-60 S  Info
Ricoh AF-66  Info
Ricoh AF-7  CollectionManual
Ricoh AF-70  InfoManual
Ricoh AF-70 D  Info
Ricoh AF-77  Info
Ricoh AF-80  Info
Ricoh Auto 126  PhotoInfoCollection
Ricoh Auto 35  PhotoInfoCollectionManual
Ricoh Auto 35-L  Info
Ricoh Auto 35-V  Info
Ricoh Auto 66  PhotoInfoCollection
Ricoh Auto Half  PhotoInfoCollectionManual
Ricoh Auto Half E  PhotoInfoCollectionComments
Ricoh Auto Half E2  PhotoInfoCollection
Ricoh Auto Half EF  Info
Ricoh Auto Half EF2  Info
Ricoh Auto Half ES2  Info
Ricoh Auto Half Professional  Info
Ricoh Auto Half S  Info
Ricoh Auto Half SE  PhotoInfo
Ricoh Auto Half SE2  InfoComments
Ricoh Auto Half SL  Info
Ricoh Auto Half Zone Focus  Info
Ricoh Auto Shot  PhotoInfoCollectionManual
Ricoh Auto TLS EE  InfoManual
Ricoh Autozoom 
Ricoh Caddy  InfoCollection
Ricoh Diacord G  PhotoInfo
Ricoh Diacord L  PhotoInfoCollectionManual
Ricoh EE Rapid-Half  PhotoInfo
Ricoh Elnica 35  PhotoInfoCollection
Ricoh Elnica 35 M  PhotoInfoCollection
Ricoh FF-1  PhotoInfoCollection
Ricoh FF-1 S  PhotoInfoManual
Ricoh FF-10 Twin  InfoCollectionManual
Ricoh FF-10 Twin Super  Info
Ricoh FF-10 Zoom  PhotoInfo
Ricoh FF-20 Wide Zoom  InfoManual
Ricoh FF-3 AF  PhotoInfoCollectionManual
Ricoh FF-3 AF Super (AF-9)  PhotoInfoCollection
Ricoh FF-3 AFD Super  PhotoInfo
Ricoh FF-60  Info
Ricoh FF-70  PhotoInfoManual
Ricoh FF-70 D  PhotoInfo
Ricoh FF-700  InfoManual
Ricoh FF-8 WR  Info
Ricoh FF-9  InfoCollectionManual
Ricoh FF-9 S  InfoManual
Ricoh FF-9 S Transparent  Info
Ricoh FF-9 SD Transparent  PhotoCollection
Ricoh FF-90  PhotoInfoManual
Ricoh FF-90 D  Info
Ricoh FF-900  Info
Ricoh FZ-125  Info
Ricoh FZ-70  Info
Ricoh FZ-80  Info
Ricoh FZ-835  Info
Ricoh GR-1  PhotoInfoManual
Ricoh GR-1 QD  PhotoInfo
Ricoh GR-1 V  PhotoInfo
Ricoh GR-10  Info
Ricoh GR-1s  PhotoInfoCollectionManual
Ricoh GR-21  Photo
Ricoh Hi-Color 35  PhotoInfoCollection
Ricoh Hi-Color 35 S  Info
Ricoh Jet  Info
Ricoh KR-10 (A-100) Super  PhotoInfoCollectionManual
Ricoh KR-10 (CR-10/XR-1000S/A-100)  PhotoInfoCollectionManual
Ricoh KR-10 M (XR-10 M/XR-X 2000)  PhotoInfoCollectionManual
Ricoh KR-10 SE  PhotoInfo
Ricoh KR-10 X (XR-10)  PhotoInfoManual
Ricoh KR-30 SP (XR-20 SP)  PhotoInfoCollectionManual
Ricoh KR-5 (A-50/XR-5/CR-5) Super  PhotoInfoCollectionManual
Ricoh KR-5 (XR-500/A-500)  PhotoInfoCollectionManual
Ricoh KR-5 Super II  PhotoInfoCollectionManual
Ricoh L-20  InfoCollectionManual
Ricoh LX-10  Info
Ricoh LX-22  InfoManual
Ricoh LX-22S (transparent)  Photo
Ricoh LX-33 WR  PhotoInfo
Ricoh Mate  PhotoInfoCollection
Ricoh Max  Info
Ricoh MF 1  Info
Ricoh Mirai  PhotoInfoCollectionManual
Ricoh Mirai (transparent)  Photo
Ricoh Mirai 105  PhotoInfoCollectionManual
Ricoh Mirai Zoom 3  PhotoInfoManual
Ricoh R-1  PhotoInfoCollectionManual
Ricoh R-1E  Info
Ricoh R-1s  PhotoInfoCollection
Ricoh RT-550  PhotoInfoManual
Ricoh RT-550 Date  Info
Ricoh RW-1  PhotoInfoCollection
Ricoh RX-50  Info
Ricoh RZ-1000  Info
Ricoh RZ-105 SF  InfoManual
Ricoh RZ-105 Zoom  Info
Ricoh RZ-1100  Info
Ricoh RZ-115  Info
Ricoh RZ-3000  InfoManual
Ricoh RZ-735  InfoCollection
Ricoh RZ-770  InfoManual
Ricoh RZ-800  PhotoInfoManual
Ricoh RZ-900  PhotoInfoCollectionManual
Ricoh S3  Info
Ricoh S30  PhotoInfo
Ricoh Singlex I  PhotoInfoCollectionManual
Ricoh Singlex I (black)  Photo
Ricoh Singlex II  PhotoInfoCollectionManual
Ricoh Singlex TLS (Focal 1000 TLX)  PhotoInfoCollectionManual
Ricoh Singlex TLS 401  InfoManual
Ricoh Six  Info
Ricoh SL 9  Info
Ricoh SLX 500  PhotoInfoCollectionManual
Ricoh Super 44  PhotoInfoCollectionManual
Ricoh Super Shot  PhotoInfoCollectionManual
Ricoh Super Shot 24  PhotoInfoCollection
Ricoh Teleca 240  PhotoInfo
Ricoh TF-200  InfoManual
Ricoh TF-200 D  Info
Ricoh TF-900  InfoCollection
Ricoh Wide  PhotoInfo
Ricoh XF-20  Info
Ricoh XF-30  PhotoInfoCollectionManual
Ricoh XF-30 D  PhotoInfo
Ricoh XR-1  PhotoInfoManual
Ricoh XR-10 (KR-10 X)  PhotoInfoCollectionManual
Ricoh XR-1s  InfoCollection
Ricoh XR-2  PhotoInfo
Ricoh XR-20 SP (KR-30 SP)  PhotoInfoCollectionManual
Ricoh XR-2s  PhotoInfoCollectionManual
Ricoh XR-30 Super  Info
Ricoh XR-5  InfoCollection
Ricoh XR-5 II Super  Photo
Ricoh XR-5 III (KR-5 III/XR-8 Super)  InfoManual
Ricoh XR-500 (KR-5/A-500)  PhotoInfoCollection
Ricoh XR-6 (XR-500 Automatic)  PhotoInfoCommentsManual
Ricoh XR-7  PhotoInfoCollectionManual
Ricoh XR-7 M  InfoCollection
Ricoh XR-F  PhotoInfo
Ricoh XR-M  PhotoInfoManual
Ricoh XR-P  PhotoInfoCollectionManual
Ricoh XR-P Gold  Photo
Ricoh XR-S  PhotoInfoCollectionManual
Ricoh XR-X  PhotoInfoManual
Ricoh XR-X 3 PF (XR-10PF)  InfoManual
Ricoh XR-X 3000  InfoManual
Ricoh XR-X 3P (XR-10P)  Info
Ricoh YF-20  PhotoInfoManual
Ricoh YF-20 X  PhotoInfoCollection
Ricoh Zone Focus  Info
Ricohflex B  Info
Ricohflex Diamond (Dia)  PhotoInfoCollectionManual
Ricohflex Diamond L (Dia L)  PhotoInfoManual
Ricohflex Diamond M (Dia M)  PhotoInfo
Ricohflex Holiday  PhotoInfoCollection
Ricohflex L  Info
Ricohflex Million  PhotoInfoCollection
Ricohflex Model III  PhotoInfo
Ricohflex Model IIIB  PhotoInfoCollection
Ricohflex Model IV  PhotoInfoCollection
Ricohflex Model VI  PhotoInfoCollection
Ricohflex Model VII  PhotoInfoCollection
Ricohflex Model VII M  Info
Ricohflex Model VII S  PhotoInfo
Ricohflex New Diamond (New Dia)  InfoCollectionComments
Ricohflex TLS 401  PhotoInfoCollection
Ricohl I (Ricoh Model 1)  PhotoInfo
Ricohl IIb  PhotoInfo
Ricohmatic 110X  PhotoInfo
Ricohmatic 225  PhotoInfoCollectionManual
Ricohmatic 35  PhotoInfoManual
Ricohmatic 44  PhotoInfoCollectionManual
Ricohmatic 600 M  Info
Ricolet  PhotoInfoCollectionComments
Ricolet II  Info
Ricolet S  Info
Riken 35  Info
Riken 35 S  Info
Roico  PhotoInfo
Roico III  Info
Semi Heil  Info
Silver Steky  Info
Steky (golden)  Photo
Steky (Made in Tokyo)  PhotoInfoComments
Steky I  PhotoInfoCollection
Steky II  PhotoInfo
Steky III  PhotoCollection
Steky IIIa  PhotoInfoCollection
Steky IIIa Luxus  Info
Steky IIIb  PhotoInfoCollection
Super Olympic Model-D  Photo
Super Ricohflex  PhotoInfoCollectionManual
Super Ricohflex (prototype)  PhotoInfo
Uniflex  Info
XOB Box  Info
XOB Box transparent  PhotoInfo

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