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There is some confusion regarding the exact circumstances surrounding the creation of Panon by Nakayama Shiyouzou, but it's clear that the first Panon camera was introduced in 1952. In 1958, models using 120 film were dropped in favor of those using 35mm film, but the newly created company, 'Panox', took over manufacturing of the 120 film cameras. Panon reintroduced 120 film cameras in 1990 under the brand name Widelux, but by 2005 the company had gone out of business.

Panon Camera Co cameras: Years of manufacture:
Panophic 1963   Photo
Panox Wide Angle 1958   Photo
Wide Angle Camera c1950s   Photochart
Widelux 1500 1988   Photo
Widelux F6 c1970   PhotoCollection
Widelux F6B c1970s   Photo
Widelux F7 1975-1988   Photochart
Widelux F8 1988-1990s   PhotoCollectionchartManual
Widelux FI c1959   Photo
Widelux FV c1959   Photo
Widelux FVI c1964   Photo

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