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MirandaMiranda DR

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1962. 35mm film, SLR camera. Separate dial for film counter in front of the wind lever, red leather circle.

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Miranda: Miranda DR camera

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by bill339 » Sat Nov 10, 2018 11:14 am

The Miranda D was also sold as DR distinguished by a red dot on the frame counter. The difference between the Miranda D and the DR is the addition of a micro prism spot in the center of the viewfinder ground glass. Both the Miranda D and the DR do not have either a meter or an internal diaphragm coupling. The back of the lens has a projection but this was fixed and not a diaphragm coupling arm. These models use lenses with an external diaphragm button often referred to as a PAD, like the Exakta. There are two Exakta adapters: the AX which mounted an Exakta lens in the normal position with the focusing index at top center and an AXM adapter which mounted the lens "upside down" so the left-handed diaphragm button would face the Miranda right-hand shutter release. This adapter comes with an extra button to extend the Miranda shutter release. The DR has both a Pentax M42 and Nikon bayonet lens mount. Miranda also supplied adapters for Topcon, Leica, and Contax screw mounts. These lenses will focus to infinity. For a short while, Spiratone sold a bayonet (not screw-on) T adapter for the Miranda. The Miranda D and DR have a small rotating knob to set the shutter speeds. Speeds for the DR are 1/30 of a second to 1/500, and the slow speeds are set with a small lever underneath the main dial. The film advance on the D plus DR is ratcheted lever single action and the shutter is loaded with the next frame. The DR was introduced in 1962 and the original cost of the DR with lens and a waist-level finder was about $90.00 (£70). $100.00 in 1962 is equivalent to more than $800.00 today.

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