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A subsidiary of Aeronautical & General Instruments Ltd (AGI), was registered in 1946 to make cameras for civilian market. In 1969 due to growing competition from foreign imports AGI decided to abandon amateur camera production.

Agilux cameras: Years of manufacture:
AgiFlash 1954-1958   PhotoCollection
AgiFlash 35 1955  
AgiFlash 44 1958-1964   Photo
Agiflex I c1946-1947   PhotoCollection
Agiflex II 1949   Collection
Agiflex III 1954-1955   PhotoCollection
Agiflite c1980   Photo
Agifold 1948-1953   PhotoCollection
Agifold Rangefinder 1949-1959   PhotoCollection
Agima c1960   Photo
Agimatic c1956   PhotoManual
Autoflash Super 44 c1956-1964   PhotoCollection
Colt 44 1961-1965   Photo

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