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AGFAPD-16 Antar

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c1935. 116 film, folding camera.

Camera manual

AGFA: PD-16 Antar camera

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by Jeff L » Wed Sep 17, 2014 3:55 pm

This camera is made during the AGFA ANSCO merger. The main label is for Agfa but Printed in small letters on front shutter plate "Made by Agfa Ansco Corperation Binghamton N.Y."
Just a note..Printed on the side of the shutter body just underneath the shutter release lever is stamped "Wollensak-Rochester U.S.A"
Maybe should be placed in the AGFA ANSCO section.

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by diser » Thu Sep 18, 2014 6:13 am

Jeff, this brings us to an interesting topic! I try to put cameras into the company which is shown on the body, for easier identification by a person who doesn't know all the details about manufacturing years and company's legal name. At the same time there are various intricacies:

- Camera manufactured by one company for another - can be labeled by either company, can be sold by both.
- Camera manufactured during merger and even several years after merger or acquisition can still use old labels and parts, mixed with new labels as in your example.
- Camera manufactured by a large division (has its own name and trademark) of a huge company (i.e. AGFA owned by IG Farben).
- Lens designed and ordered by one company, manufactured by another, and sold with the camera from by a third company.

There is no standard way to categorize those cameras/lenses, so sometimes they end up in the actual manufacturer or seller listing, and more often I put them by the label (or most visible label as in this case). Do you think the categorization approach can be improved in one way or another? Any suggestions are welcome!

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by Jeff L » Fri Sep 19, 2014 5:40 am

That sir is an interesting and mind bending quandary, With the possibility of no right answers.
But there is always possibilities.
One I can think of is the possibility that we know that a certain camera was made by a different company,but sold under a different name,yet also sold by the manufacture under their name adding a link to the different named ones in the description. Something like this.."See also Such and Such" or just an added note in the description being related others.
I also can see it becoming rather confusing as well.

I can also think of some types being ridiculous linking together.
But for general purposes the system you have works.I know that there are those who research everything they can find about what they have (I am one).. and those who know it's stamped this and that's good enough for me.
Honestly ..This has stumped me. But I am thinking on it now, And quite possibly made it more confusing!

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