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The origins of AGFA – the Aktien-Gesellschaft für Anilin-Fabrikation company - can be tracked to 1867. In 1925, as a part of temporary merger into IG Farben, AGFA received the Rietzschel company. Later, in 1928, AGFA merged with an American company, Ansco, to become Agfa-Ansco. During the next decade, the company experienced a number of mergers and name changes, but in 1941 the AGFA and Ansco companies were finally split, and AGFA was absorbed (again) by IG Farben. It wasn’t until 1952 that the company, then owned by Bayer AG, was able to re- establish its own name, operating as Agfa AG. In 1964, a further merger with Gevaert Photo-Producten N.V. gave the company a new name, Agfa-Gevaert. Since then, there have been numerous additional acquisitions and mergers, but the company continues to operate as Agfa-Gevaert. The complete history of this company is available on the Wikipedia AGFA page.

AGFA cameras:
Agfaflex I  InfoCommentsManual
Agfaflex II  PhotoInfoManual
Agfaflex III  PhotoInfoManual
Agfaflex IV  InfoCommentsManual
Agfaflex V  InfoManual
Agfamatic  Info
Agfamatic 100 Sensor  PhotoInfoCollection
Agfamatic 1000 Pocket  PhotoInfoCollection
Agfamatic 1000 S Pocket  PhotoInfoCollection
Agfamatic 1008 Pocket  PhotoInfoCollection
Agfamatic 1008 Tele Pocket  PhotoInfoCollection
Agfamatic 108 Sensor  PhotoInfoCollection
Agfamatic 126 (Brazil)  Info
Agfamatic 126 (France)  PhotoInfoCollection
Agfamatic 126 (Germany)  InfoCollection
Agfamatic 126 (India)  Info
Agfamatic 200 Sensor  PhotoInfoCollection
Agfamatic 2000 Flash Pocket  PhotoInfoCollection
Agfamatic 2000 Pocket  PhotoInfoCollection
Agfamatic 2008 Pocket  PhotoInfoCollection
Agfamatic 2008 Tele Pocket  PhotoInfoCollection
Agfamatic 208 Sensor  PhotoInfoCollection
Agfamatic 300 Sensor  PhotoInfoCollection
Agfamatic 3000 Flash Pocket  PhotoInfoCollection
Agfamatic 3000 Pocket  PhotoInfoCollection
Agfamatic 3008 'Lufthansa'  Photo
Agfamatic 3008 Pocket  PhotoInfoCollection
Agfamatic 4000 Flash Pocket  PhotoInfoCollection
Agfamatic 4000 Pocket  PhotoInfoCollectionComments
Agfamatic 4008 Pocket  PhotoInfoCollection
Agfamatic 4008 Tele Pocket  PhotoInfoCollection
Agfamatic 50  PhotoInfoCollection
Agfamatic 50 S  PhotoInfoCollection
Agfamatic 500 S  Info
Agfamatic 5008 Macro-Pocket  PhotoInfoCollection
Agfamatic 508 Pocket  PhotoInfoCollection
Agfamatic 55 C  PhotoInfoCollection
Agfamatic 6008 Macro-Pocket  PhotoInfoCollection
Agfamatic 901 E Motor  PhotoInfoCollection
Agfamatic 901 E Motor (blue)  PhotoInfo
Agfamatic 901 E Motor (transparent)  Photo
Agfamatic 901 Motor  PhotoInfoCollection
Agfamatic 901 Motor Special Edition  PhotoInfoCollection
Agfamatic 901 S Motor  PhotoInfoCollection
Agfamatic 901 SE Motory  PhotoInfoCollection
Agfamatic I  Info
Agfamatic I a  PhotoInfoCollection
Agfamatic II  Info
Agfamatic II S  Info
Agfamatic III  Info
Agfamatic III S  Info
Agfamatic Rapid 250  PhotoInfo
Agfamatic Reflex  Info
Ambi Silette  PhotoInfoCollectionManual
Ambi Silette de Luxe  PhotoInfo
Ambiflex I  PhotoInfoCollectionManual
Ambiflex II  PhotoInfoCollectionManual
Ambiflex III  InfoManual
Antar PD 16  PhotoCollectionCommentsManual
Automatic 66  PhotoInfo
Autostar  InfoCollection
Autostar Pocket  PhotoInfoCollection
Autostar X-126  PhotoInfoCollection
Billette  Info
Billy  PhotoInfoCollection
Billy 0  PhotoInfoCollectionComments
Billy Clack 51  PhotoInfoCollection
Billy Clack 74  PhotoInfoCollection
Billy Compur  InfoCollection
Billy I (after war edition)  PhotoInfoCollectionComments
Billy I (before war edition)  PhotoInfoCollection
Billy I Luxus  Info
Billy II  PhotoInfo
Billy III  PhotoInfoComments
Billy Optima  Info
Billy Record 4.5  PhotoInfoCollection
Billy Record 6.3  PhotoInfoCollectionComments
Billy Record 7.7  PhotoInfoCollection
Billy Record 8.8  PhotoInfoCollection
Billy Record I  PhotoInfoCollection
Billy Record II  Info
Billy Record III  Info
Box 04 (Box B2)  PhotoInfoCollection
Box 24  PhotoInfoCollection
Box 34 (Iso Box / Isochrome Box)  PhotoInfoCollection
Box 44 (Preisbox blue)  PhotoInfoCollection
Box 44 (Preisbox)  PhotoInfoCollection
Box 45  PhotoInfoCollection
Box 47 (Mithra)  PhotoInfo
Box 50  PhotoInfoCollection
Box 54 (Box I)  PhotoInfoCollection
Box 54 (Special)  PhotoCollection
Box 64 (Special)  PhotoInfoCollection
Box 84  PhotoInfoCollection
Box 84 (import)  Photo
Box 94 (Box B2)  PhotoInfoCollection
Box England No. 1  PhotoInfo
Box England No. 2  PhotoInfoCollection
Box Schulprämie (Student Premium)  PhotoInfo
Cadet Special  PhotoInfoCollection
Clack  PhotoInfoCollectionManual
Click I  PhotoInfoCollection
Click II  PhotoInfoCollection
Click III (France)  Photo
Click III Indian  Info
Click IV Indian  Info
Click Rapid  PhotoInfoCollection
Colorflex I  PhotoInfoCollection
Colorflex II  PhotoInfoCollection
Colour King 100 Tele  PhotoInfoCollection
Colour King 200  Info
Colour King 200 Tele  PhotoInfoCollection
Colour King 400  Info
Compact  PhotoInfoCollection
Compact C2303  PhotoInfo
Easy  PhotoInfoCollection
Easy (35mm)  PhotoInfo
Easy Flash  PhotoInfoCollection
Easy Flash (Raphael's Love)  PhotoInfoCollection
Flexilette  PhotoInfoCollectionchart
Folding Plate Camera  PhotoInfo
Futura AF Zoom  PhotoInfoCollection
Futura Autofocus 2  PhotoInfoCollection
Futura Autofocus 3  PhotoInfoCollection
Futura FF  PhotoInfoCollection
Futura Fixfocus 2  PhotoInfoCollection
Futura Fixfocus 3  PhotoInfoCollection
Happy  PhotoInfoCollection
Heli Clack (horizontal)  Info
Iso Flash Rapid  PhotoInfoCollection
Iso Flash Rapid-C  PhotoInfoCollection
Iso Pak (1968)  PhotoInfoCollection
Iso Pak (1970)  InfoCollection
Iso Pak C  PhotoInfoCollection
Iso Pak Ci  PhotoInfoCollection
Iso Rapid C (Mod I)  PhotoInfoCollectionManual
Iso Rapid C (Mod II)  PhotoInfoCollection
Iso Rapid I (Mod I)  PhotoInfoCollection
Iso Rapid I (Mod II)  PhotoInfoCollectionManual
Iso Rapid I (Mod III)  PhotoInfoCollection
Iso Rapid Ic (Mod I)  PhotoInfoCollection
Iso Rapid Ic (Mod II)  PhotoInfoCollection
Iso Rapid IF (Mod I)  PhotoInfoCollection
Iso Rapid IF (Mod II)  PhotoInfoCollection
Isola (6x6)  PhotoInfoCollectionManual
Isola 126  Photo
Isola 22  InfoComments
Isola 44  PhotoInfo
Isola I  PhotoInfoCollectionManual
Isola II  PhotoInfoCollection
Isolar  PhotoInfo
Isolar Luxus (6.5x9)  PhotoInfo
Isolar Luxus (9x12)  PhotoInfo
Isolette (after war)  PhotoInfoCollectionManual
Isolette (before war)  PhotoInfoCollection
Isolette I (Mod I)  PhotoInfoCollection
Isolette I (Mod II)  PhotoInfoCollection
Isolette II  PhotoInfoCollectionCommentsManual
Isolette III  PhotoInfoCollection
Isolette L  PhotoInfoCollection
Isolette V  PhotoInfoCollectionManual
Isoly 0  PhotoInfoCollection
Isoly 100  PhotoCollection
Isoly I  PhotoInfoCollectionComments
Isoly II  PhotoInfoCollection
Isoly IIa  PhotoInfoCollection
Isoly III  PhotoInfoCollection
Isoly IIIa  InfoCollection
Isoly Junior  PhotoInfoCollection
Isoly Mat  PhotoInfoCollectionManual
Isomat Rapid  PhotoInfoCollectionManual
Isomat Rapid-C  PhotoInfoCollection
Isorette  PhotoInfoCollection
Jean  PhotoInfoCollection
Karat 12  PhotoInfoCollection
Karat 12 II  InfoCollection
Karat 2.8  PhotoInfo
Karat 2.8 'Luftwaffen-Eigentum'  PhotoInfo
Karat 3.5  PhotoInfoCollection
Karat 36 (1948)  PhotoInfoCollectionManual
Karat 36 (1952)  PhotoInfoCollection
Karat 4.5  PhotoInfoCollection
Karat 6.3 (1937)  PhotoInfoCollectionComments
Karat 6.3 (1939)  PhotoInfoCollection
Karat IV  PhotoInfoCollectionManual
Karomat 36 (export)  PhotoInfoCollection
Kosmo Clack  Info
Le Box Freestyle  PhotoInfoCollection
Le Box Mini  PhotoInfoCollection
Le Box Mini Flash  PhotoInfoCollection
Le Box Mini Flash Special Edition  Info
Le Box Mini Special Edition  Info
Le Box Ocean  PhotoInfoCollection
Le Box Outdoor  PhotoInfo
Le Box Panorama  PhotoInfoCollection
Le Box Photo  Info
Le Box Photo Flash  PhotoInfoCollection
Le Box Special Edition  InfoCollection
Lucimeter Prototype  Info
Microflex 100  PhotoInfoCollection
Microflex 200  PhotoInfoCollection
Microflex 300  PhotoInfoCollection
Microflex sensor  PhotoInfoCollection
Mini  PhotoInfoCollection
Moto Rapid-C  PhotoInfoCollection
Multi Clack Agfa  Info
Ninon (604)  Info
Ninon (604) Luxus  PhotoInfo
Nitor (554)  Info
Nitor Luxus  PhotoInfoCollection
Opal  Info
Opal Luxus  Info
Optima  PhotoInfoCollectionManual
Optima 1035 Sensor  PhotoInfoCollection
Optima 1535 Sensor  PhotoInfoCollection
Optima 200 Sensor  PhotoInfoCollectionManual
Optima 335 Sensor  PhotoInfoCollection
Optima 500  PhotoInfoCollectionManual
Optima 500 S  PhotoInfo
Optima 500 Sensor  PhotoInfoCollection
Optima 500 SN  PhotoInfoCollection
Optima 5000 Pocket  PhotoInfoCollection
Optima 5008 Macro Pocket  Info
Optima 535 Sensor  PhotoInfoCollection
Optima 6000 Pocket  PhotoInfoCollection
Optima 935 Sensor  Info
Optima flash  InfoCollection
Optima I  PhotoInfoCollectionManual
Optima IA  PhotoInfoCollectionManual
Optima II  PhotoInfoCollection
Optima II S  PhotoInfoCollectionManual
Optima III  PhotoInfoCollection
Optima III S  PhotoInfoCollectionManual
Optima Parat  PhotoInfoCollection
Optima Parat (Tele)  Info
Optima Rapid 100 C  Info
Optima Rapid 125 C  PhotoInfoCollection
Optima Rapid 250  PhotoInfoCollection
Optima Rapid 250 V  PhotoInfoCollection
Optima Rapid 500 V  PhotoInfoCollection
Optima Reflex  PhotoInfoCollection
Optima Sensor Electronic  PhotoInfoCollection
Optima Sensor Flash Electronic  PhotoInfoCollection
Paramat  PhotoInfoCollectionManual
Parat I  PhotoInfoCollection
Rapid  PhotoInfo
Rapid Demonstration  PhotoInfo
Rapid-Modell  PhotoInfo
Record I  PhotoInfo
Record II  PhotoInfoCollection
Record III  PhotoInfoCollection
Reflex  PhotoInfo
Registriercamera  PhotoInfo
Reisekamera Tropen (Field Camera) (Tropical)  Photo
Selecta  PhotoInfoCollection
Selecta M  PhotoInfoManual
Selectaflex (early)  Info
Selectaflex (late)  PhotoInfo
Selectronic 1  PhotoInfo
Selectronic 2  PhotoInfo
Selectronic 3  PhotoInfoCollection
Selectronic S Sensor  PhotoInfoCollection
Selectronic Sensor  PhotoInfoCollection
Silette (Type 1)  PhotoInfoCollectionManual
Silette (Type 2)  PhotoInfoCollection
Silette (Type 3)  PhotoInfoCollectionManual
Silette (Type 4)  PhotoInfoCollectionManual
Silette (Type 5)  PhotoInfoCollection
Silette (Type 6)  PhotoInfoCollection
Silette Automatic (SLE)  PhotoInfoCollection
Silette F  PhotoInfoCollection
Silette I  PhotoInfoCollectionManual
Silette II  PhotoInfoCollection
Silette L (1956)  PhotoInfoCollection
Silette L (1957)  PhotoInfoCollection
Silette L (1958)  PhotoInfoCollection
Silette L (1959)  PhotoInfoCollection
Silette L (1962)  PhotoInfoCollection
Silette L (1968)  PhotoInfoCollection
Silette LK (1958)  PhotoInfoCollection
Silette LK (1959)  PhotoInfoCollection
Silette LK (1963)  PhotoInfoCollection
Silette LK Sensor (1969)  PhotoInfoCollectionManual
Silette LK Sensor (1973)  PhotoInfoCollection
Silette Rapid F  PhotoInfoCollection
Silette Rapid I  PhotoInfoCollectionManual
Silette Rapid L  PhotoInfoCollection
Silette Record  PhotoInfoCollection
Silette SL  PhotoInfoCollection
Silette SLE 
Snapper  Info
Solina  PhotoInfo
Solinette  PhotoInfoCollection
Solinette (non-folding)  Info
Solinette II  PhotoInfoCollection
Special Clack  Info
Speedex  Info
Speedex Clack  Info
Speedex Compur  PhotoInfo
Speedex I  Info
Speedex II  Info
Speedex III  Info
Speedex Record  Photo
Sport  PhotoInfoCollection
Standard 204  PhotoInfoCollection
Standard 204 Luxus  InfoCollection
Standard 208  PhotoInfo
Standard 208 Luxus  Info
Standard 254  PhotoInfoCollectionManual
Standard 254 LUXUS  PhotoInfoCollection
Standard 255  PhotoInfoCollection
Standard 255 Luxus  InfoCollection
Standard 265  Info
Standard CRF  PhotoInfoCollection
Standard CRF Luxus  Photo
Star  PhotoInfoCollection
Studio Camera  Photo
Super Isolette  PhotoInfoCollectionchart
Super Silette (1955)  PhotoInfoCollectionManual
Super Silette (1960)  PhotoInfoCollection
Super Silette Automatic  PhotoInfoCollection
Super Silette L  PhotoInfoCollection
Super Silette LK  PhotoInfoCollectionManual
Super Solina  PhotoInfoCollectionManual
Super Solinette  PhotoInfoCollectionManual
Superior  Info
Superior Luxus  Info
Synchro-Box (France)  PhotoInfoManual
Synchro-Box (Germany)  PhotoInfoCollectionManual
Synchro-Box (India)  PhotoInfoManual
Tramp  PhotoInfoCollection
Tramp No.2  PhotoInfoCollectionComments
Traveller  PhotoInfoCollection
Trolita  PhotoInfo
Trolix (Box 14)  PhotoInfoCollectionComments
Ventura 66  Info
Ventura 66 Deluxe  Info
Ventura 66 V  PhotoInfoCollection
Ventura 69  PhotoInfoCollectionManual
Ventura 69 Deluxe  InfoManual
Ventura Billy  PhotoInfoCollection
Ventura Synchro-Box  PhotoInfoCollection
Wonder Reflex Camera  Info

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